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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year from RedGoddess in Second Life!

2013 is just around the corner...and I'm so excited to welcome the New Year in both worlds. 2011 was memorable, to say the least. First, thank you to all my friends for your amazing support. I appreciate all the encouragement and most of all, your friendship. Whether during poetry readings at Four Bridges, author series, microfiction and more, open mics, art festivals, gallery openings, live music concerts, the Seated Scribes, or drum circles, you made it more meaningful in countless ways. For that, I cherish every moment.
This past year, I started writing poetry again and even dabbled in microfiction. I now have an ever evolving short story series called, "The Adventures of Lola in 100 words or more." Each week, I share social commentaries, hotel dramas, romance, life and death tidbits from Lola's perspective. I never thought I would delve so deeply into a character, let alone writing about an industry filled with mysteries and yet part of a global experience.
If you couldn't tell based on the subject matter of choice, I'm fascinating by hotels and what goes on when guests are not paying attention. In every environment, what I've always been curious about is the life stories of the individuals that walk through the hotel lobbies as guests, staff and passerby. What can Lola teach us from their slice of life? What change will Lola make in her life? So many questions to answer. Well, to find out what Lola is up to, you better keep reading the blog or you'll miss out on her next big surprise.
If you love the Lola series, please share your opinion in the comment section. I would love to hear from you:)
Have a fabulous New Year!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adventures of Lola 100 words: FUNK by RedGoddess

Happy holidays! The year is almost over. I've written another Lola installation for this week's 100 word challenge. The hotel is full of festive events, including a food drive. Sadly, Lola is in a funk. Check out the story and let me know what you think:)

Hunger is not seasonal, and suffering is not a trend. Yet every Christmas, there is a surge about feeding the poor. The same working poor and homeless who are visible year round suddenly present a fantastic opportunity. Lola got in a funk when the hotel Manager launched a food drive. This is the same woman who treats her staff like slaves. The same woman who smiles when she calls the cops to remove homeless saying ‘come fast, they have drugs.’ Lola watches as wealthy clients place cans into boxes and thank her manager for caring so much. What a fraud!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Word Stories: The Worst Thing in the World

Lola can't stand the charade imbedded in weddings. Brides have the power to turn their special day into the worst thing in the world for bridesmaids. She can't imagine being squeezed in a puffy pastel dress to make a public promise. Lola will avoid the altar at all cost. She made an exception for her best friend. She stood by her through hours of cake tasting, dress rehearsals, bachelorette party and even a Brazilian wax for the sake of friendship. Lola watched in frustrations as thousands of dollars are wasted on stuff. She wonders, when will the marriage planning start?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words: Night Shift

Check out the latest Lola story. There is surprising twist as Lola does her first night shift at the hotel. She discovers it takes more than caffeine to cope with the insanity of her guests. Let me know what you think in the comment section:)

Executive hotels require all kind of crazy hours for their year round guests. Lola’s first overnight shift, she figured strong coffee would carry her, however, after leaving the front desk for a bathroom break she returned to find Mrs. Phillips standing naked in the lobby. She was smoking prescription marijuana, and screaming, "Thank God you're here! I heard gunshots from the suite next door." Lola smiled and assured the elderly woman she was safe, fed her snack food, and put her to bed.  At dawn, Lola smoked one of Mrs. Phillips on the hotel roof and called it even.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Mine

When Lola was 17, her mother threw her out of the house. Weeks later, her younger sister ran away too and moved in with her. They grew a backbone, while struggling to stay in high school, and care for one another. There is no mine. They worked retail jobs and often ate at shelters, and sometimes dated drug dealers that bought them groceries.
Lola would sometimes see her so called mother at weddings and funerals. They would barely exchange a few words. On mother's day, Lola's sister gives her sunflowers. Lola is the only mother she'll ever have or need.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words: Fear

Check out this week's 100 word story. Lola shares a slice of her life and what she fears as she works tirelessly to make a living. Hope you like it!

Lola has been dreading making a doctor's appointment for her mandatory physical, work requires.  She can't remember the last time she felt relaxed. Maybe her blood pressure is high again. Free healthcare will be good for the country, but when you are working poor, you still don’t get paid when you’re out sick. Out of fear, she has avoided all hospitals even when she experienced those unbearable stomach cramps. Last year, her best friend went for a routine blood test she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It is sad that they cried more about affording the disease than beating it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words; Chain

Since the passing of Mr. Chip, Lola has been in a manic mood. She has avoided her lover in fear of being too vulnerable. She tries to keep herself busy with work but is still numb with sadness. No one has come to claim Mr. Chip's belongings. She's beginning to wonder who will make the funeral arrangements. There are certain chain of events that turns life on its ugly head. Lola wonders if this job is the pinnacle of her existence. Would anyone care if she wasn't at the hotel? The next day, Lola calls in sick for the first time.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Adventure of Lola in 100 Words: Circle

Hellene, a wannabe cougar, comes from old money. Many of her socialite friends gossip behind her back. She's part of the big charity circle in town, fancy galas for the poor and overprized dinners at political fundraisers. She tries hard to do good with her money by supporting public causes.
At the hotel she treats the immigrant maids like trash. Recently, she accused a valet of attempting to steal her car. All the workers avoid her except for Lola. Lola handles all of the Hellene’s.  One big circle of white Helene’s Lola can’t even tell one from another any longer.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Football

During the recession, Lola's neighborhood has gone through many changes. Her favorite book store became a luxurious spa. The Indian family who ran it disappeared.  The foreclosed church is now a high end condominium, own by the football quarterback. She overheard two students say,"No one prays anymore anyways." The library is slated to become a sushi restaurant. In the distance, where mostly immigrants live. One of the worst eye sore is still unfinished. A structure for a low-income housing development.It's been five years since they broke ground. Oh well, like I said soon we all be eating Sushi.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventures of Lola in 100 words: BROKEN

Lola walks toward the hotel garage to check the areas before leaving. As she approaches the rear of the building, she notices a broken window on one of the cars and a man placing objects into a bag. Lola tiptoes toward the exit door to page security. Her heart is beating fast; she decides to go against all of her common sense and charges the burgler. That is the last thing she remembers. She is awaken by a kiss, her mans smile. She is in a hospital. "Who did this?" He asks. She looks at her broken foot and curses.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Cube

This summer has been the hottest since Lola started at the hotel. She got in the habit of drinking an iced mocha topped with whipped cream at her old job when stressed. Now, her budget allows for iced water. Her mind wanders to him. Their last date was a welcoming surprise offsetting her madness. Staring at her iced water, Lola daydreams about their shared champagne.  What she would like to do with each ice cube. She becomes lost in her fantasy  when his gentle voice interrupts her. "Penny for your thoughts" She turns and sees him,"I'd rather show you."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Space

After an exhausting week, I managed to pout out another Lola story in the series. The word challenge is space. I wasn't sure what I would explore this week but by Saturday night (more like midnight), I was somewhat happy with my rewrite.  I quickly sent it to crap before I crash and lose the whole plot in Second Life. Now, you get to read here:) Are you enjoying the stories? Let me know by leaving a comment for me...

Lola wakes up to wild rain knocking on her bedroom window. She sleep walks through her overcrowded apartment, looking for her cell phone. It was too quiet. "I guess I'm all alone," She thought. On the kitchen table is an upside down pineapple cake with a fork in the middle. This is not a good sign given the history of avoidance in her family. Every time her grandmother has bad news, she bakes Lola's favorite dessert. Lola takes a mouthful bite and hurries back under the bed comforter. She wishes she run away to space and scream her worries away

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Red

Welcome back to a new story in the adventures of Lola series! So I wrote three stories all together but will only share two for now.  The third is still being revised and will most likely be slightly longer as Lola has more to say. I made history in numbers but not sure crap received them any earlier to post on his website. lol. As always, I hope you enjoy it and send me your comments.
The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Red

Lola can't believe she's been working the swanky hotel for three years.  It makes her sad to be such a natural. Lola lost her high paying job, on her 35th birthday. Instead of a tenth year celebration or an anniversary plague she found herself crying in the rear corporate parking lot. Since then, Lola has learned to treat herself to red every pay. The first week was a lipstick, than a red music box, her favorite was red gloves meant to compliment a scarf from Morocco a guest gave her. She thinks about her past,  but is thankful for Red.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Red is the word!

A few days ago, I heard through the grapevines that "Red" is the chosen word for this week's challenge. Actually, Crap told in Second life. I just love saying "through the gravevines" lol. I am excited and hope that will motivate me to write my story or stories a little early. Will I make history this week by sending crap my entry before 11:59p on Saturday. Time will tell...Stay tune for more story ideas before the deadline.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Card

The word this week is: Card. It was literally a challenge for me as I tried to develop a story that was authentic to Lola's days at work. I wanted her to take a break from the mystery and yet shows that she still prioritizes work over building a live outside of her job. Then again, she doesn't have the luxury to take a personal day solely for self-indugence. Hope you enjoy this week's story in the Lola series.

Card 100 word challenge by RedGoddess

The rainstorm hits the coast harder than locals expected. Rain or shine Lola has to work. At the hotel, the wind slaps the front gate open, dragging debris in from the main street. A queen of heart card flies in and lands on Lola's desk. She looks up and notices the light for the "no vacancy" sign is flickering. Lola wishes she had taken a personal day off to spend time with the mystery guy. She's reluctant to open her heart and deal with another disappointment. She could still hear his last words while saying good night, "you intrigue me."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Sunday with Shannon Oherhily, Poetry Reading + The Seated Scribes

What an amazing Sunday at Four Bridges! It's Labor Day weekend in the US and many people are on break or back to school mode. At 4B, we're always in the mood for a fun gathering with writers, educators and other residents on the sim. Naturally, we kicked off the day with our poetry hour at 11am slt at SpeakEasy. We had a wonderful crowd of regulars and new faces. I had one of my co-hosts, Brokali by my side, so everything started on a happy note. I read "Sometimes" for F.B. from an anthology that I've been reading for weeks now. It's a wonderful spoken word piece about poetry and writing. I then passed the mic to Brokali to introduce more readers. We had a new writer named Trevor who read a gorgeous piece about beauty. I had to request a notecard to reread the poem later. We filled up the hour pretty quickly with various readers: Lemonodo, Maria, Bonchance, Sabreman, Pamala and Carl to name a few. In between, Brokali and I shared our own work with the audience. We certainly had no shortage of writers willing to take mic.

At noon slt, our featured performer and winner of the Amnesty International Songwriting Contest took the stage for a fabulous hour of smooth, mellow and melodious concert. First Sunday has become one of my favorite time of the month since I get to hear Shannon and connect with her fans, many of whom are musicians as well.  The Test and Emotional Vampire are two of my favorites. Special thanks to Severina for the picture above. I often crash and she was gracious enough to take a few shots while I hosted. Before we knew it, it was 1 pm slt and the 2 hours had gone by like lighting.
We had a little break while other continue to the next open mic around the grid. Bonchance Longfall's event,  "The Seated Scribes" is at 2pm slt on the deck at Four Bridges. Bonchance has created a new form where writers can share their work and get feedback. You should check it out sometimes and bring your own writing to be discussed among a group of supportive artists.

As you can we had a packed day! We'll do it all over again next Sunday at Four Bridges. Open mic poetry and microfiction readings are thriving in second life. I invite you to join us any weekend, to bask in live music and the written word!

Till we meet again:)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sparkle 100 word challenge: Lola's adventures continues

It's another week of Crap's 100 word challenge! I'm on the road this weekend but have been thinking about what to write for the challenge. I love the word but I'm not going in the direction I intended. As some of you may know, the movie "Sparkle" is also out this month and I was envisioning a piece about the late Whitney Houston since it is her last film. Unfortunately, in the wee hour of the morning, the piece just would not come together. I woke up, made sure i had a decent cup of coffee nearby and I pour onto my laptop the latest Lola story. So, what you'll find this week is a kind of food for thought mixed with life lessons as Lola gets through another day at her fast-paced job at the hotel. Hope you enjoy it:)

Sparkle by RedGoddess

After coping with many personal losses in recent years, Lola no longer believes that time always heals. Although she is grateful to be among the living, she senses she's coming undone. Lola is disturbed that many missed out on living fully while alive. She hopes her funeral will not begin with "we are here to honor and celebrate the life of a beautiful young woman gone too soon." Before she could shake off these morbid thoughts, a pregnant woman is in front of her screaming, "call 911 now, I'm in labor!" She can still forge a living legacy that will sparkle.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words: Nothing by RedGoddess

As many of you may know, the US presidential election is in full swing. Both parties (Republicans and Democrats) have national conventions coming up, in Florida and North Carolina respectively. Television viewers cannot escape the flood of "I approve this message" ads between their favorite shows. Well, Lola can't even eat her breakfast and catch the morning news, without being rudely interrupted. Just like in politics, she has a choice. See what she does during this week's 100 word challenge. The word is "Nothing"

Nothing 100 word story by RedGoddess

"The American people deserve a candidate with experience..." declares the newsanchor. With coffee brewing and toast in one hand, Lola listens to the morning news as she dresses for her 16 hour shift. She mutes the TV unable to digest more than 30 seconds of packaged promises. She watches the news in small doses the same way she would like to eat fatty foods, but who can afford it? These career politicians have finessed the art of promising nothing while expecting voters to give absolute commitment. Lola is part of the new working poor. She has become immune to charismatic political puppets.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words: Fair

During these tough economic times, it appears those who are already struggling can't get a break. Their basic needs cannot even being met and may have to choose being food, medicines and now public transportation. Lola can relate to their plight and dealing with similar issues. She, too takes the bus to the hotel.

Fair 100 word story by RedGoddess

This month, the state transportation authority raises the fares for buses and trains. They triple the price for seniors and students. In some areas, bus routes are restricted. Commuters take to the streets. They jump the turnstiles to show these power hungry executives they are fed up. Lola sees all sides of the argument even though she too, will be affected by these changes. She wonders how is it fair for people to choose whether to buy groceries, medications or pay for a damn bus pass? It seems these transportation managers cut their sense of decency with the annual budget.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Feather

It happens again! Lola decided to take a time out from her stressful job at the hotel to meet a new mystery date. Everything is going well so far. Lola is certainly cautious but enjoying herself. Check out this week's 100 word story with the word "feather." Hope you enjoy it:)


Work monopolizes Lola's time. Even on her days off, she can't stop worrying about unfinished projects. "What happened to the adventurous Lola?" She wondered. To loosen up, she accepts another invitation from the mystery guy. Tonight, they're dining at the waterfront sky lounge. Their conversation about food, travels, and work flows seamlessly.  He even laughs at her silly jokes. Before finishing her last bite of dessert, he asks playfully, "for our next date, choose one thing I can bring: a scrabble board, feather or ice cream." Intrigued, she leans toward him, whispers in his right ear, "how about all three."

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Strike Team Alpha by RedGoddess

There is a undying war being waged on low-wage workers and the working poor. During new employee's orientation, there is high optimism and promise to solve problems together.  Human resources department really exists to protect the rights of companies not to ensure the employees are treated fairly. Then, who can employees turn to for grievances and better treatment in the workplace? There is only one group that can come to the rescue, "Strike Team Alpha." Since this team is action oriented and militaristic, they will go in there, unlike mediators, and solve all the problems with one permanent move.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Rain by RedGoddess

April triggers more than pouring rain in the city. There is a flurry of work projects and birthday celebrations, including Lola's. She purposely doesn't share her birth date unless someone asks directly. She does not like surprise parties. Today, she visits a French bakery for her favorite hotel guest. Standing in front of the glass counter, Lola's eyes widen at the sight of the sugar painted wonders. A double layered velvet chocolate cake suits her dessert loving guest so perfectly. As the cashier hands her the boxed cake, Lola suddenly realizes, she did not eat cake on her last birthday.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Red Sunday: Open Mic Readings, Community Roundtable & Tukso Okey Concert

Sunday's open mic poetry at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy was awesome (it usually is)! Last Sunday is usually packed with activities because we have our monthly roundtables at 10am slt for members to come together and share announcements about whatever they're working on. Plus, I went to Carl's drumming at 8am slt at the Feed a Smile sim for some Also, SL9B festivities were in full swing all weekend. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful turn out with new faces and our regulars for the sharing of the written word. Synapse opened the hour with three great pieces. Lemonodo read a few selections and then the ball got rolling with Queen, Don, Squiddy, Carl and many other writers who were present. Matty, a new member, passed one poem to Carl to read for her. We often encourage participants who may not feel comfortable to read or a little shy, to ask the host or anyone of their choice, to read on their behalf. Queen's piece about girls gave me a nudge to read "I am an emotional creature" by Eve Ensler. I wished Anamaria was there, so she could  read it instead. I've been enjoying her version and style of reading the monologue a great deal.
For many residents of SL, crashing is part of the experience. Well, let me tell SL decided to have a little fun with me while I was hosting. I crashed 3 times if not more. Thank goodness Synapse came to the rescue and hold down the fort for me by reading and introducing others. Sadly, Brokali, my funny cohost was under the weather and couldn't join us. I'm hoping he'll be in good health by next weekend to participate fully.
After the poetry hour, I took a mini break to recuperate from the relentless crashes and came back to get a notice from Synapse about Alex's open mic at 1pm slt on book island. I popped over for a bit to hear some of the writers and entered to win a guitar as the door prize. Of course, I did not win:( Barbara, the Book Island correspondent was the lucky winner. Congrats! I enjoyed Synapse's except from the book she's reading. Before I knew it, I crashed right after Singh's stories. I thought this was a sign another break was in order. After a few hours offline, I realized I haven't had a dose of Tukso Okey in days, if not weeks. So, I relogged one more time and was greeted with a notice from Padula Bing about a concert at Wild Girls. After clearing my inventory and a quick change, I tped over to the venue for the concert. The moment I heard his guitar riff at the landing, I knew Ive been away for too long. Wow! And then the voice, "Are you having a good time?", Tusko asked. Fans can't help but screamed, YES! I sure did lol. Needless to say, I ended my SL night on a high and still grooving to Tukso's vibe. Amazing!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lola's beautiful thing 100 word story by RedGoddess

This week's 100 word story took a fun turn for Lola, the main character. The words given are: beautiful thing. I've decided to continue with the Lola series by writing one new story a week for crap's challenges. Lola seems to be developing a little fan base and I'm exploring where the character is taking me and the readers. Check out the latest story written for the challenge. Beautiful thing is narrated by bonchance longfall. Take a listen and let me know what you think.
I read some of these stories in second life. This weekend Brokali read a few of them at his shop on Book Island. I was pleasantly surprised:) I think Lola is starting to let loose and many are anxiously waiting for her next adventure. If you're on Second life, check out the links below for the venues where I host/co-host readings and listen to other writers share their work.

Four Bridges Project/SpeakEasy
Brokali's ShopHelio's HouseAsylum Reef

Sunday, June 17, 2012

100 word challenge "27%" by RedGoddess

At 6:00pm, Lola hears the harmonious chorus of church bells. She arrived home from her hotel job with sore feet and aching back. She plopped down in front of a small tv. Her grandmother is out for bingo night at the community center. Her siblings are also MIA. She turns the tv on and immediately hears the newsanchor reports, "unemployment is still in the double digit and the President has not provided his new job recovery plan." I'm lucky to have a job in this economy, Lola thought. Looking at her paycheck, she realizes her wages have been reduced by 27%.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brokali launches Microfiction Hour on Book Island

I am excited to announce that Brokali has started a series of reading at his shop on Book Island. Brokali Resident is known for his short stories, which are often funny, thought-provoking and just reflect day to day nuances of human interactions. Although, he's been reading all over the grid in second life, including SpeakEasy at Four Bridges Project and Tremolo Coffee & Galleries, some Saturdays will be reserved for his shop to share latest stories and improv. I've learned about microfiction through Brokali after hearing his work in 2011. I often describe his stories as a grappling short film or a condensed montage of a suspensful movie because he sets the most vivid scenes and dialogues. It's amazing that so much can be conveyed in 420 words or less.
I will be posting all upcoming readings on this blog. The next reading is scheduled for June 23rd at 9am slt. This is an open invitation to all readers:)

Monday, May 14, 2012


We had another fun filled Sunday, May 13 at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges. We started our poetry hour right on time with Lemonodo Oh as co-host. It's such a thrill every Sunday to hear new work of every genre from poetry, prose to microfiction. I continue to dabble in writing a weekly 100 word story via crap mariner. Even though I completed the challenge, it was a little more complicated than usual.  Maybe the words threw me for a loop this week. So, instead I read a dash on the word "haven" and shared my wave from the word "ball."
For those of you who may not have participated in these activities, a dash (hosted by Ginger) is held daily in Second Life and writers are given a word and can write for 15 minutes at Milk. On the other hand, a wave (hosted by June Faramore) lasts for about 20 minutes with a given word and is held at Book Island. This was a week of firsts when it comes to my writing. I attended wave for the first time that week. Plus, I wrote a 100 word story for a dash word instead of a poem. Shocker!
But I'm happy with the results my spontaneity has produced thus far. A few more writers shared their work and before we knew it, it was time for live music! My Red Hot May Celebration continued with the beautiful Singer CECI Dover. I was proud to present her to the SpeakEasy crowd  who loves her music instantly. I was prepared with the salsa dance balls and other fun dance moves for friends. I heard of music for the time when I attended one of her concerts at Whispers, which is a sensational venue. Even there, I danced through the hour while listening to her gorgeous voice. What drew me to her though is her multi-lingual ability andher song selections. She flawlessly sings each song with so much heart that feel the lyrics whether you speak that language or not. One second you feel like you in Cuba then America, then France then she woo you back to her native country Argentina.  Her fans go wild as well in various languages. I only requested one song, Je T'aime, which she can also sings in Italian. As you can tell, it was an amazing concert! If you've never heard CECI Dover before and even if you're already a fan, make sure you join her at the next concert.
So, I have more in store on May 20, with another poetry hour and possibly a concert with the one and only MrMulti Writer for his return to SpeakEasy. You have a personal invitation from me to tp  over every Sunday at 11am slt. Can't wait to see you:)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Red Hosts Open Mic at Hope 4 SATOBS Art Village

On May 12, I hosted a new open mic series at Hope 4 SATOBS Art Village on Luna Bliss. I was so excited to finally share the venue with the public, mostly friends. The Art Village, a part of the non-profit organization, Hope 4 SATOBS in SL, is a beautifully designed gathering space for writers, artists, musicians and anyone who's interested in exploring the arts. Similar to other readings that I host, I welcome all writers to join us and share their work. As a poet, I have a tendency to share more of my poetry than other writing. So for the Saturday series, I would love for more storytellers and microfiction writers to take the stage on Saturdays. It was great to hear work by Brokali, bonchance Longfall, Lycanthia, lloubras and many others. Lycanthia read a funny story she wrote at a recent dash with the word "ball" Let's just say there was a pre-apology to the gentlemen in the room before she started the reading. lol We were then treated to a solo debut by the awesome Carl Resident, who sang "This Land is your Land" a tribute to Woody Guthrie and a treat for us. Check out the lyrics on

This Land Is Your Land
Words and Music by Woody Guthrie
This land is your land This land is my land
From California to the New York island;
From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and Me.

As I was walking that ribbon of highway,
I saw above me that endless skyway:
I saw below me that golden valley:
This land was made for you and me.

I've roamed and rambled and I followed my footsteps
To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts;
And all around me a voice was sounding:
This land was made for you and me.

I was singing along and I'm sure others were too. He has not picked up the guitar in more than a year.  Can you believe it? We wouldn't know if he didn't tell us. We have a cozy stage set up right on the pavilion across the main gallery in the Art Village. Anyone can grab the guitar and play their heart out or sing if they feel so moved.

After a few more readings, we ended the hour with some more stories from Brokali, our in-house Microfictionist. On Saturday, May 19, Brokali will debut his "Micro Hour" at the Art Village from 9:00-10:00am slt. He will share some of his most recent microfiction stories. You don't want to miss it. Stay tuned for notices for all upcoming open mics, live music and other Red affiliated events:)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Poetry, Live music with Shannon Oherhily & Tukso Okey: Triple Dose of Fun at SpeakEasy

What an amazing Sunday! I knew the day was going to be packed since I put the schedule together but when the day finally arrived, I was beyond excited. First up, we had our regular scheduled open mic poetry at SpeakEasy with writers of all genres. Lemonodo Oh opened the hour with two wonderful poems. I must say he's always ready to share and rarely reads the same pieces twice. Second Life was acting up and for the life of me could not get voice to work. I pass the mic to Anamaria who has a knack for reading some of the thought provoking poems I've ever heard. I can't say enough about how brilliantly talented she is! After many voice reset, I was finally able to take the floor to read. I shared this week's 100 word challenge. The word was "smoke." I had to sleep on that one a bit before I came up with Lola's new adventure at work. I also read several poems from poetry 180, a program that encourages high school students to read a poem a day. I do quite a bit of digging for new poems or stories in preparation for hosting the open mics. I randomly chose a few from the website that I found intriguing. Before I knew it, the hour was over and it was time for our 2 hour live music concert to start.
Singer/Songwriter Shannon Oherhily is featured at SpeakEasy on the first Sunday of the month and is a favorite at Four Bridges. She never disappoints. This Sunday was no exception. She sang one of my favorites, "Emotional Vampire" and a few other deep songs. It was awesome hour of live music. Lot of friends and new faces in the crowd. Carl and Drumstick dropped by. millay Freschi (Founder of Four Bridges) and Orb Thursday were also in the audience. Yay!  
For the third hour of marathon Sunday at SpeakEasy, Musician Tukso Okey, guitar king, took the stage. I've been anticipating this concert for a few days and was on cloud 9 when the date was confirmed.  Padula Bing, Tukso's Manager was the first few to arrive. Becca from his street team was also in the crowd. Shepp and Kari, two friends that I often see at live music venues joined the party. I even got a little birthday smooch from Shepp. lol     This was such a fun hour of Tukso madness and awesomeness. He ROCKED it out! This blog entry won't do justice to the experience. That means you have to come to one of the upcoming shows to get a dose of Tukso live and loud.
I later realized an hour is just not enough to soak into Tukso's music, especially on a special occasion like a celebration. Like in in real life, all good things in moderation. I'm satisfied until the next concert is announced:)
I was happy that the reading and performances have exceeded my expectations. Plus, everyone told me they had a great time:)
On that happy note, I invite you to tp over next Sunday at 11am slt to enjoy hours of poetry and live music. CECI Dover performs live at noon slt. You do not want to miss her debut at SpeakEasy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Musician Tukso Okey Live at SpeakEasy: May 6!

As many of you may know, I kicked off a month long celebration on April 29 to celebrate my birthday through the end of May! I'm also celebrating the 1st Anniversary of hosting open mic  and live music at Four Bridges. Yay! Some people relax on their birthday, I plan more events and launch new venues:) So this Sunday, Tukso will finally debut at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy as part of my Red Hot Celebration. If you're a fan or never experience Tukso before, this is the venue you want to be at on May 6 at 1pm slt sharp.
When I first started this blog, I promised or hinted I would devote a whole entry to one of my all time favorite musicians in Second Life, the guitar god himself, Tukso Okey. I try to attend as many of his concerts as my schedule allows. The shows are my energy boost but mostly to party with him and the best fan group ever.
I know I'm a little biased but I always feel better the moment I hit the dance floor whether with my own silly dance animations or lucky enough to be in someone's dance hud. Tukso's fans know how to have a rockin' good time (whispers: you know who I'm talking about!).
So let me go back to how I first experienced Tukso magic...In 2011, I attended a concert at Lavender Field where Tukso was performing to support Feed a Smile managed by Brique Topaz. I could not believe his electrifying presence  and performance live.  I now call it, "musical spell at first riff." OMG! That guitar, his voice and just the cheer rawness of his performance that day was unbelievable. I was also impressed  of his support of such an amazing organization that provides resources for poor children. I wanted to spread the word about him and his charity of choice. A few weeks later, Brique was a guest on my rl show and we chatted a bit about Tukso's upcoming performances for the charity in second life. I then joined his group so I could get a second dose of  his music. Little did I know that two doses would turn into a lifetime fan and a friend:) Every show has a little twist and fun surprises that brings me back to that concert. That day I increased my computer volume to the maximum. Experiencing Tukso is best loud and live (you know what I mean lol). Although I would never ever call myself a party girl in rl but when I'm at any of his concerts, movement is a must! I also write whatever comes to mind or what I'm feeling in local chat which at times is not always legible but fans know exactly what I mean lol
So, when I'm there I lose myself in Tukso's energy, his voice, words, screams and guitar riffs. Within minutes, I have shed all the day/week's grind to feel renewed sense of excitement, serenity and fittingly part of an extended family. One element of the Tukso experience that never fails is a lack of deja-vu at his concerts. I'm still surprised by his sets and song selecions as if I were listening to him back at my first concert. Naturally, I included Tukso as part of the line for my month long celebration this year, as he is one of the best reasons being in Second Life, is still meaningful.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Open Mic poetry at Four Bridges & Mrmulti at NPC!

What a weekend I had? Sunday is becoming my busiest day of the week which has actually made Monday more bearable. On April 29, I held a community meeting at Four Bridges to connect with members and find out what everyone has been working on. Since we just celebrated Earth Day, I invited Carl to join us to provide a brief update of all the festivities he was involved in. Based on his report, the drum circle at Feed a smile was a major success and fun too. There will be a weekly drum circle on Sundays at 8am slt in second life. This time was chosen to avoid the start of poetry marathon at 9am in second life (many people are quickly discovering this). I thought the session went well and I made a few more announcement of whats to come in May at Four Bridges.

At 11am slt, our open mic poetry quickly started with Lemonodo oh who's already read the most versatile poetry selections. Although I was somewhat ready, I prefer hearing other first while I warm up a bit. I woke that morning listening to Billie Holiday and then proceeded to Ana Difranco, exactly in that order. I was taken by the lyrics of "fuel" and played the song several times to explore the possibility of reading it out loud. I decided they would be perfect for the crowd at SpeakEasy but was a bit reluctant about my ability to do the piece justice. So I held back and pass the mic to Anamaria who read 2 amazing poems of her own. Ana had to leave a little early to head to DNA for their poetry reading. She was the featured poet. She's brilliant and has the voice to match. I knew she would dazzle the crowd with her selections:)
A few more readers shared their favorite poems and other genres. I decided to read "fuel" and my 100 word challenge. "Fuel" was definitely a mouthful but really enjoyed sharing it with the audience. Ani also can sing that song with such intensity that the lyrics hit home every time I listen to it. So, the word of the week for the challenge was "hotel." I guess it's called a challenge for a reason because it took me till the wee morning hour to finish this over the weekend. It's such a relief when I send it to crap and know it's off my writing list but really worth it when I see the final product from 1 random word. You can read my entry below and let me know what you think:

"Hotels are often portrayed as luxurious hideaways, vacation escapes for the rich and famous. A safe house for celebrities and an escape from the scandals and unspeakable behaviors that often accompany them. A code of silence between the guests and skilled laborers provides protection for all. Laborers, the common populace that is forced to clean up afterwards, while smiling. Lola knows firsthand the irreparable damages of guests gone badly behind closed doors. She knows the sweat, and sore feet needed to protect them. She also knows what doesn't stay hidden, isolation, anger, addiction, desperation, loneliness, all disguised as high life."

The day is not over yet readers. At 12pm slt, I head over to NPC to launch my month long Red Hot celebration for my birthday. Yay! MrMulti is the featured performer of the hour at my NPC parcel to promote my work with the Girls' Project in sl. This is his second time on the sim to celebrate an important day in my life. As you may recall, he was one of the performers for my rezz day event as well with Annan Dreamscape.  Mic is a fun perform to listen to and of course dance to his music. He did all originals for a whole hour which was awesome! A lot of friends popped over, including, Carl, Brokali, Sevi, Drumstick and some new faces as well. Meetu Writer, his manager, was also there and its her birthday too which I learned while at Guthrie's for his 10am slt show. Mic sang Happy Birthday to both of us. Very sweet:)
I danced for most of the hour except when I crashed which is always a challenge while hosting events but I'm so used to it now, I just logged right back in. Needless to say, the hour flew by and the launch of my celebration is off to a great start!

Next Sunday, May 6, Shannon Oherhily (noon slt) & Tukso Okey (1pm slt) will continue the Red Hot Celebration at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy. You do not want to miss this show!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Celebration in Second Life

On April 22, our open mic poetry at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy, celebrated Mother Earth! We also recognized the urgency to continue our collective efforts to protect and preserve the environment. So much more can be done on a daily basis to ensure we seize to overuse our natural resources. Given every Sunday, we share the written word to inspire, educate, connect and just add a dose of relaxation to our weekend. We were happy to include Earth Day as part of this week's theme. Many residents read poetry and other genres reflecting Earth Day in some way. Our practice is not to restrict our readers, so they can still read whatever moves them that morning.  I was lucky again to be joined by Microfiction writer Brokali, who read a special short piece that he wrote for the occasion. I was grateful that most in attendance were able to find something in their inventory or their own  writing to share.
I also read a few pieces I found online and 2 of my own that fits the occasion perfectly. I've included 1 stanza from the poem "Leaves" and "Fish."  I also read "moon" which was this week's 100 word challenge with crap mariner. We had many other readers as well. Carl Solutionary read 2 pieces specifically about Earth Day. Medora Chevalier also shared a brilliant piece. Anamaria, a regular at SpeakEasy, also read some of her favorite poems and of course found one that covers our theme of the day. I was happy to see Orb Thursday, 4B member and designer extraordinaire, joined us. She has designed a large portion of the four bridges sim, including the 4B town center, which includes the speakeasy space.
As you can see, you never know who you will run into at our open mics and events. I hope one of these Sundays, if you haven't yet, you'll pop over for the hour. I would love to see you:)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poetry & First Sunday with Shannon Oherhily at SpeakEasy

Another exciting Sunday at SpeakEasy with Open Mic poetry at 11am slt. I was joined by co-host Brokali Resident, known for his thought-provoking microfiction stories. He was his usual funny self and engage the crowd between readers. I read this week's 100 word challenge with the word "hug." I usually don't know what I'm going to write until about Friday or Saturday. Sometimes I'm making changes as I'm emailing it to crap mariner for his podcast. I must admit I'm happy with what I wrote this week. Sevi and Brokali also read their version of the challenge during the hour. We were pleased to have Anamaria joined us and read a few of her favorite poems. She has a few that she will confess that "she's obsessed with." After hearing her read them so beautifully, I'm beyond obsessed with her selections. Even Brokali, who's quick to say he's not a poet threw in a "wow" after listening to Anamaria's reading. DangerDave, another awesome SL writer, also popped over for the first time at SpeakEasy but did not read.  I hope to see him again if rl does not interfere. Lemonodo read a few poems in several languages including: German and Italian. It's always a treat to hear literary works in other languages. We have a few French writers who typically do the honors but Lemonodo has broken the record for the most languages read in 1 hour. Naturally the hour flew by as we enjoyed hearing various individuals read both poetry and microfiction.
At noon slt, Shannon Oherhily took the stage for her live performance. It's First Sunday! Yay! We're always happy to have Shannon sing her heart-felt originals and covers. Maurice, her manager was also at SpeakEasy. Many of her fans tp over for the concert. Carmel was in the crowd, another amazing SL artist. I will definitely invite her to debut at 4B in the new future. I love hearing Shannon's stories between songs which are not always funny but memorable. She once lost her guitar in Montreal while traveling. Montreal is one of my favorite cities but I wouldn't want to leave any of my possessions behind:( Shannon did a great set filled with favorites of fans and a few originals in the mix.  With the end of the concert, we closed an awesome 2 hour of open mic and live music at SpeakEasy!

Join us every Sunday at 11am slt at SpeakEasy for poetry & microfiction. Shannon will be back next month for another laid back Sunday concert.

Friday, April 13, 2012

100 word challenge "hug"

This week's word is "hug." This turns out to be a fun word to play with. Lola continues her surprising adventures in the city. Many of you have read previous stories with Lola as the main character. I will read this entry during my open mic on Sunday, at SpeakEasy, 11am slt. Check out the entry and recording.

Lola doesn't often hug. She hugs friends on special occasions, or to comfort a good girlfriend after a blindsided break up. Other people seem to hug everywhere. Airports, train stations, restaurants, clubs are all notorious for sudden thoughtless embraces. Most movies include at least one oddly placed embrace. But still, Lola thinks hugs should be reserved for crisis, or only when desperately needed. Until recently,with the start of an intense romance. She has found serenity in her lover's bounty of hugs. And needs no reason to open her arms.She realizes now a hug is an extension of heart.

Friday, April 6, 2012

100 word challenge "sick"

This week's word is "sick." Check out the entry and recording.

Lola was on alert to fight back sneaky germs during the flu season. She stocked on multi-vitamins, ginger roots and cold medications for a month's worth. She's been exposed to some sick zombies leaking fluids from everywhere. On the trains, she noticed some couldn't breathe. While few were always on the brink of sneezing. Others were coughing non-stop in their oversized coats with tissues on the other hand. The rest were too weak to even dry their red droopy eyes.  Lola was determined to beat these viruses before plotting and snatching their chance to trap her to a sick bed.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetry Hour at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges

We had another fun-filled hour of poetry at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges. I started the hour sharing the news that Adrienne Rich had passed away on Thursday. I was shocked when I heard the news while reading the New York Times. Ms. Rich is one of my favorite writers that I discovered her books in college and continue reading her vast writings till this day. I always grab a copy of her books wherever I find one, particularly during the years when we had a prominent feminist bookstore locally. She even had a talk at New Words bookstore in Cambridge, MA which was such a treat to have her in the city. So naturally, I read a few of her poems and discussed why I love her writing so much. Lemonodo Oh also shared a few pieces as well. I'm hoping to dig out more of her work to read during future open mics in second life.
Since I started writng 100 word drabbles, I also read my entry for this week's challenge through crap mariner.My dynamic co-host, Brokali, also shared his microfiction during the hour. Anamaria, another amazing poet in second life, read a few wonderful pieces with the crowd. She has a soft captivating voice yet reads with intensity. Sevi read an entry by bonchance longfall who has a range of poetry selections and short stories. For the first time at SpeakEasy, Lycanthia read two of her stories for us. She's such a good storyteller and definitely kept the crowd interested in hearing more. Before we knew it, the hour was up and had to teleport to another event.
Hope to see you one of these Sundays at SpeakEasy for Poetically Speaking:)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

100 word challenge “Fool” for full of crap

Many of you know that I started writing 100 word drabbles and stories a few months ago. Don't panic I'm still writing poetry too but this challenge has certainly motivated me to write regularly and come up with some fun entries (if I say so myself). You can probably tell they vary each week depending on the word. I will post them here for your leisure reading and listening:) Thanks to bonchance longfall for the recordings. Check out this week's entry for the word "fool"

"Fool" by RedGoddess

Rita devoted the last 11 months around executing her dream wedding, with high school sweetheart, Rob. They met on a blind date through friends. It was love by the time the pie a la mode was served after sharing an entree. They rented a one-bedroom apartment in her parents' neighborhood. They carpooled to work. She was even contemplating quitting her job to be closer to his. Everything was set for her spring wedding on Cape Cod, minutes from the Kennedy compound. After seeing a Blue Man group show, he declared, " I can't do it." She felt like the biggest fool.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Poetry Rocks at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges Project in Second Life

If you love the written word, SpeakEasy is the spot to be at 11am slt to hear some of the best SL's poets and writers read their work. On March 25, a group gathered at the 4B downtown center to enjoy an hour of poetry and microfiction. I served as hostess most Sundays but I have some great writers who co-host with me. Lemonodo Oh is a 4B member and has been joining us since the event started. He reads such a variety of poems every week. This week, Brokali resident served as my inpromtu co-host and did a superb job engaging the audience with his humor and thought-provoking microfiction. Some of the writers who read are: anamaria, angeljade, bonchance, brokali, leslye, millay, sevi, turbohand and many others. We had a few newcomers in the crowd as well which is always exciting at our venue. It was wonderful to see angeljade who also hosts a poetry hour at the Fitzgerald, 10am slt. This was her second visit at speakeasy and she treated us with poems by Maya Angelou, her favorite writer. millay, Four Bridges Founder joined us as we gathered before the reading started to hang out and get a preview of the 4B downtown area. Turbohand closed the event when voice finally worked for him down to the final minute. We hope to see all the familiar faces and newcomers every Sunday at the SpeakEasy:)
Right after our event, some of us poofed to DNA to hear bonchance longfall, featured poet that day, read a selection of his work. At 1pm slt we returned to the SpeakEasy for our community meeting to discuss new changes at 4B and share ideas for programs on the sim. Millay provided an overview of what's in the works for 4B, new spaces on the sim and open the floor for members to have a discussion. There is so much happening this year, we definitely will be getting together more often to flesh them out and plan educational programs for the whole community. 
At 2pm slt, I had to run to the Casual Reading at Helios with bonchance longfall for our weekly hour of the written word. This event was held in a beautiful and cozy home in Second Life owned by our gracious sponsor, Olorin. It was a full house of writers of all genres ready to share their work at the dining table. As usual, we went past the hour without noticing since we're having so much fun and enjoying the company. The night ended at Hope 4 SATOBS Art Village for a preview of the new venue (still under construction) being built by owner Devilana Nirvana. This is a spontaneous group and we have tendency to play music and dance after a long day of poetry on the grid. Thats exactly what happened! Brokali started playing music and that was our cue to put on our dancing shoes and start moving:) What an awesome Sunday! So, I want all of you to join us on Sundays and experience the written word in good company and add a little joy to your day in Second Life.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

100 Word Challenge: “Rhymes with itch” by RedGoddess

“Rhymes with itch” by RedGoddess
In this depressing economy, many are doing jobs they thought were only reserved for high school drop outs and so called illegal aliens. Working Americans find themselves at the mercy of those shall we say "rhymes with itch." Depending on the day and the imprint of their assaulting insults, many names are reserved for those bosses, managers, upper management and the rest with big titles but lacking in little common courtesy. People's identities and dignity should not be tied to their jobs, hourly wages or where they rank on the poverty line. When least expected, Karma will scratch them out.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"I don't know what it is" by RedGoddess

"I don't know what it is" by RedGoddess 
The weatherman predicted record breaking temperatures. No sun in sight but traffic is already backed up. Everyone is in a hurried state to grab something before reaching work. By 11:12 am, a nearby hotel bursts into flames as commuters run for cover inside various businesses. Within minutes, flashing red and blue lights blanketed the city streets. Firetrucks and ambulance vans dispatched to the affected neighborhood. At exactly 11:21 am, the whole city went pitch black. An old lady covered in ash asks the officer directing traffic, "do you know what's floating in the air?" He mumbles,"I don't know what it is"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Featured Poet at DNA Art & Music Fusion in Second Life

On Sunday, March 11, I was honored to be the featured poet at DNA in Second Life. I've attended many events and poetry readings in the past few months. This is venue that nudged me into becoming age-verified. After listening to many amazing poets and musicians there, some of whom are close friends, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited. The event is hosted by the fabulous Grail.  I received a warm welcome from venue owners Armany Thursday & Dyce Underwood.

Prior to the big day, the major challenge for me was selecting a variety of my writings to showcase the topics I tend to address in my poetry, drabbles and monologues. I opened  with a piece called "leaves" which explores my love for the fall season and the vibrancy of their beauty. I'm  a New England transplant, so I've always been fascinated by how a tree can be green in August and turn fiery red and orange by October. My intent was to start with some light poems then some intense ones and finish with a few steamy (so I've heard lol) ones. I read another poem called "photograph" which is about recollected memories and emotions triggered from a photograph left on a lover's pillow. Letting go of past relations and interactions is often difficult and takes time to move on.

I have decided to share one of my favorite monologues by Eve Ensler, called " I am an emotional creature" from her recent book with the same title. This is a long heart-felt monologue that I enjoy reading but it makes my heart skips a few beats every time I read it. Since the whole book reflects the struggles of girls around the world, it resonates with my community work and issues that I'm passionate about. The other long piece that I read is about the invisibility of women's history celebration on commercial television. It's called "No commercials on women's history month." I had planned to share my views in 100 words but this piece just exploded out of me once I started writing it. It exposes a lot of double standards in American culture, media images and how women's issues are commercialized and co-oped only to sell products.

After several of these gut wrenching pieces, I thought it was time for a little fun and changed the mood by sharing one poem by Bonchance Longfall called, "Sweet Sensation." I accidentally started reading this poem because I asked bc to read it during an open mic and he requested that I read it instead. OMG! The fun I have reading this piece is indescribable. It's as if the words just flow off my lips and the imagery is just sensational. Two other poems that I read are "Soul Confession" and "Garden of Passion" which I believe increased the temperature of the room by 30 degrees! These two pieces are a complete departure from my nature and socially conscious writings. This is where I let fantasy take over and let my imagination loose on the page. With a bit of word play and tantalizing images, the mood has shifted dramatically. Once everyone cool off a bit,  I chose  a beautiful bilingual poem titled, "Ne m'oubliez pas (don't forget me)" to be the grand finale. I wrote this poem a few months ago while watching a music video. The video opening was touching  with these few words written on a sticky note. Only the title and the last stanza are in French. Depending on the event, I sometimes read the whole poem in French, thanks to Frederic who graciously translated it for me. Although I was nervous at the beginning of the reading, I had a fabulous time and grateful to Grail, Armany and Dyce for the opportunity to share my voice with a captive audience in Second Life. I also appreciate my circle of friends for coming out and cheering me on:)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day 2012

March 8 is Women's International Day! This is a unique celebration worldwide that started over a hundred years ago. During this global holiday, many will focus on women's contributions worldwide while celebrating in struggle and sisterhood. Although women's have made monumental contributions in our society, it often goes unnoticed or minimized. It is one day girls and women can learn and be reminded of the struggles women have gone through to ensure the rights and opportunities we have today. I'm sure many are questioning the validity of such a day in 2012 or even the relevance of women's history month. I personally would like to sustain this day and month as they are grounded in history which we tend to forget when solely measuring the strides we've made today.    Several countries and organizations  highlight this day in various ways. I hope you will  take a moment to remember those who fought and still fighting for equality & social justice. Check out the link below to read President Obama's proclamation. Happy Women's International Day & History Month!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Red's Interview with Second Life Poet Bonchance Longfall

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing bonchance longfall, a prolific poet/writer in second life. Poetry is thriving in second life. On any given day, there are events happening all over the grid but many of us have declared Sunday "Poetry Day" in SL because you can attend poetry readings from morning to midnight.
Since I rezzed in sl, I've been enjoying meeting new poets and listening to their inspirational writing.
It is no surprise that Bonchance is one of my favorite poets and can listen to him read for hours. So, it is a special treat to chat with him one on one about his poetry, hosting open mics in SL and the topics he explores in his writing. You can hear bonchance reads at several venues in second life. Every Sunday at 2pm slt, I co-host the Helios Casual Reading with him. We always have a great time and read beyond the one hour time slot. We are fortunate to hold our readings in an elegant comfortable home thanks to our gracious host, Olorin.  Once a month (last Saturday), bc is at Sea Turtle Island to host an open mic at 8am slt. He also reads regularly at my open mics on Sundays at 11am slt at the speakeasy and NPC. There are many opportunities for new and seasoned writers to connect and share work at their own pace.
I hope you enjoy the interview and will join us in second life to experience the love of poetry and support writers of all genres.

Check out the site below to hear Bonchance's poems:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

MrMulti Writer Perfoms Live@NPC!

On Sunday, February 26, MrMulti Writer dazzles our guests after an hour of poetry at the Aloft Non -Profit Commons sim. The aloft multipurpose area is currently deorated all in red for our recent CommonGround Theme Party. This color fits me quite well since it is a favorite of mine. I decided to take advantage of the decor and space by holding two open mic poetry readings (2/20 & 2/26) and a live music show to bring people to the sim and discover all the non profits house there, including my own.  This was the perfect opportunity to bring Mic back to NPC and perform after our open mic poetry by the campfire with champagne. I couldn't find any marshmellows and its Sunday, so champagne from the  VIP seatings on the dance floor was the next best thing.
One of the reasons I love MrMulti's shows is his ability to have so much fun on stage while engaging the audience, playing multiple instruments, singing and dancing. I recently learned he even writes poetry. He is truly multi-talented! It's been a pleasure listening to his covers, originals, improvs at various venues. I first invited MrMulti to perform after our 1 hour poetry reading at speakeay/four bridges. He then joined us at NPC on my rezz day to celebrate with me and friends at my org.'s headquarter on the NPC sim. Mic as many call him often performs duets with several other musicians including Annan Dreamscape, another fabulous singer in second life. I plan to invite MrMulti to more events as he is a true entertainer and fun to be around:)
To learn more about MrMulti Writer (Michael Wells) and his music, go to his website,

Special thanks to: Mic's awesome Manager, Meetu Hannu-Writer for her continued support. Also, thanks to Par for setting the campfire for the open mic reading and being there for me with all my crazy requests.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Red's Interview with Gentle Heron, Virtual Ability, Inc.

I had the honor to interview Gentle Heron, Co-founder of Virtual Ability, Inc. in Second Life. This is an award-winning non-profit organization that continues to increase awareness about the needs of people with disabilities. Its mission is to enable people with a wide range of disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds like Second Life®There are many opportunities for you to learn and get involved. Stay tuned for upcoming notices about educational presentations and trainings held in Second Life. For more information, go to

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shannon Oherhily Returns to Speakeasy/Four Bridges

Singer/songwriter Shannon Oherhily is one of the first musicians I met in second life.  I've attended many of her concerts in the past few months. On May Day 2011, I invited Shannon to 4B for a special celebration with friends and to bring awareness to the work of The Four Bridges Project. That event officially launched my regular open mic poetry and live music hosting in second life. Shannon has been performing on the first Sunday of the month since last year after our open mic poetry readings. She is one of SL's favorite musicians at Four Bridges. In May 2009, Shannon’s song “The Test,” was the winning song in a songwriting contest for Amnesty International. Any1, a 4B member reminds us of that coveted honor during our concerts. Shannon often dedicates that song to activist/4B founder millay freschi when performing at speakeasy. It's hard to choose a favorite Shannon's song since the lyrics are so poignant and truthful.

Shannon's soothing and angelic voice has a way of calming my nerves and yet lifts my spirit at the same time. At the last show, one of my friends (who mostly speaks French) described Shannon's voice as "jolie." If you've never heard her before, I encourage you to come over on "First Sunday" at speakeasy to experience her originals and covers while she plays guitar. She's been honing her skills since she received her first guitar at the age of nine. Shannon has followed in the foot steps of many great contemporary folk singers like Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, to name a few. We are honored to have Shannon with us on "First Sunday" and invite you to join us at her next live music show. To learn more about Shannon and her music, check out her website,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Red's Rezz Day Celebration with MrMulti Writer, Annan Dreamscape & Tukso Okey

On January 29, I celebrated my 1st SL Rezz Day at my organization's headquarter housed on the Non-profit Commons sim. Our cozy space or as I like to call it the "purple palace" was built by my friend Devi who also has a nonprofit  (SATOBS) in Second Life and a fabulous builder/decorator. We started the day at 10:30am slt with an open mic poetry reading. Sevi, one of my sl friends set out the prettiest floor pillows for guests to lounge. We had tons of colorful balloons and of course a huge cake with candles. I enjoyed a great deal in second life, in addition to promoting my non-profit and television programs, poetry and live music are the two activities that have engaged me in virtual world. So, it was fitting to have both during the celebration.
After our hour of poetry, MrMulti took the stage with his keyboard and guitar and sang a beautiful original. One of my favorite song that he often does for me is "Lady in Red" which is quite a pretty song and just love his  rendition. Once I heard that song, I was ready to dance the day away. Everyone was on the dance floor after a great time. I must admit as much as I was enjoying myself, SL was doing its usual antics to turn my day upside down. For a good part of the day, I was a misty red cloud! Of course, I looked fine on my screen but all my friends were dancing with a glowing cloud.
MrMulti performed a great set the 3rd hour of the party before passing the mic to the fabulous Annan Dreamscape. I first heard Annan at Pannie's during one of her shows. At the end of the concert, we were invited on stage to dance and sing "We are Family." She closed the show on such fun high note that I had to make it to another show. She has a stunning voice and sang a lot of cool pop songs like "the lazy song" by Bruno Mars which is a favorite of mine. Naturally, on my Rezz Day I just wanted to dance and listen to poetry with my friends. We requested a lot of covers from Mic and Annan that day which those two encourage at their live shows. I must also share that Annan and Mic have also done duets and are quite a pair on stage. Nor, Annan's sound Engineer is a hoot on stage as well. They have awesome chemistry and make us laugh throughout the concert. All in all, I had the best Rezz Day a RedGoddess can ask for:)
I was surrounded by good friends, poetry and music all day long. The live music continued at Tukso Okey's concert that night. OMG! It was amazing! That's all I will say for now. I'll talk about my love for Tukso's music among other things in another blog:)
All the musicians who performed that day are online, have sl groups and great web sites/blogs. Check out the links below to learn more about their music and where to buy their CDs. Special thanks to all their managers (Meetu, Brookee & Padula) for bringing us these amazing artists.

MrMulti Writer

Annan Dreamscape

Tukso Okey