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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hotel Adventures of Lola: Magazines Rule!

Lola reads all kind of tabloid magazines while at work. The hotel subscribes to the top three women’s magazines. The guests steal them like the little shampoo bottles in the bathrooms. The tasteless covers repulse her, yet articles that show 769 ways to please a man intrigue her. She wonders, if these magazines hold the answers to women's satisfaction, why are the majority of their readers still hopelessly lost? Are there magazines that offer men advice for a better sex life?
Recently, Lola learned that a well-known woman's magazine on housekeeping is the most reliable source of information for all women, regardless of marital status or income. It occurs to her that women spend as much time worrying about keeping their house clean as they do about pleasing a man. With that kind of obsession, these magazines will hold the mirror to women's angst for generations