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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brokali launches Microfiction Hour on Book Island

I am excited to announce that Brokali has started a series of reading at his shop on Book Island. Brokali Resident is known for his short stories, which are often funny, thought-provoking and just reflect day to day nuances of human interactions. Although, he's been reading all over the grid in second life, including SpeakEasy at Four Bridges Project and Tremolo Coffee & Galleries, some Saturdays will be reserved for his shop to share latest stories and improv. I've learned about microfiction through Brokali after hearing his work in 2011. I often describe his stories as a grappling short film or a condensed montage of a suspensful movie because he sets the most vivid scenes and dialogues. It's amazing that so much can be conveyed in 420 words or less.
I will be posting all upcoming readings on this blog. The next reading is scheduled for June 23rd at 9am slt. This is an open invitation to all readers:)

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