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Saturday, March 31, 2012

100 word challenge “Fool” for full of crap

Many of you know that I started writing 100 word drabbles and stories a few months ago. Don't panic I'm still writing poetry too but this challenge has certainly motivated me to write regularly and come up with some fun entries (if I say so myself). You can probably tell they vary each week depending on the word. I will post them here for your leisure reading and listening:) Thanks to bonchance longfall for the recordings. Check out this week's entry for the word "fool"

"Fool" by RedGoddess

Rita devoted the last 11 months around executing her dream wedding, with high school sweetheart, Rob. They met on a blind date through friends. It was love by the time the pie a la mode was served after sharing an entree. They rented a one-bedroom apartment in her parents' neighborhood. They carpooled to work. She was even contemplating quitting her job to be closer to his. Everything was set for her spring wedding on Cape Cod, minutes from the Kennedy compound. After seeing a Blue Man group show, he declared, " I can't do it." She felt like the biggest fool.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Poetry Rocks at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges Project in Second Life

If you love the written word, SpeakEasy is the spot to be at 11am slt to hear some of the best SL's poets and writers read their work. On March 25, a group gathered at the 4B downtown center to enjoy an hour of poetry and microfiction. I served as hostess most Sundays but I have some great writers who co-host with me. Lemonodo Oh is a 4B member and has been joining us since the event started. He reads such a variety of poems every week. This week, Brokali resident served as my inpromtu co-host and did a superb job engaging the audience with his humor and thought-provoking microfiction. Some of the writers who read are: anamaria, angeljade, bonchance, brokali, leslye, millay, sevi, turbohand and many others. We had a few newcomers in the crowd as well which is always exciting at our venue. It was wonderful to see angeljade who also hosts a poetry hour at the Fitzgerald, 10am slt. This was her second visit at speakeasy and she treated us with poems by Maya Angelou, her favorite writer. millay, Four Bridges Founder joined us as we gathered before the reading started to hang out and get a preview of the 4B downtown area. Turbohand closed the event when voice finally worked for him down to the final minute. We hope to see all the familiar faces and newcomers every Sunday at the SpeakEasy:)
Right after our event, some of us poofed to DNA to hear bonchance longfall, featured poet that day, read a selection of his work. At 1pm slt we returned to the SpeakEasy for our community meeting to discuss new changes at 4B and share ideas for programs on the sim. Millay provided an overview of what's in the works for 4B, new spaces on the sim and open the floor for members to have a discussion. There is so much happening this year, we definitely will be getting together more often to flesh them out and plan educational programs for the whole community. 
At 2pm slt, I had to run to the Casual Reading at Helios with bonchance longfall for our weekly hour of the written word. This event was held in a beautiful and cozy home in Second Life owned by our gracious sponsor, Olorin. It was a full house of writers of all genres ready to share their work at the dining table. As usual, we went past the hour without noticing since we're having so much fun and enjoying the company. The night ended at Hope 4 SATOBS Art Village for a preview of the new venue (still under construction) being built by owner Devilana Nirvana. This is a spontaneous group and we have tendency to play music and dance after a long day of poetry on the grid. Thats exactly what happened! Brokali started playing music and that was our cue to put on our dancing shoes and start moving:) What an awesome Sunday! So, I want all of you to join us on Sundays and experience the written word in good company and add a little joy to your day in Second Life.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

100 Word Challenge: “Rhymes with itch” by RedGoddess

“Rhymes with itch” by RedGoddess
In this depressing economy, many are doing jobs they thought were only reserved for high school drop outs and so called illegal aliens. Working Americans find themselves at the mercy of those shall we say "rhymes with itch." Depending on the day and the imprint of their assaulting insults, many names are reserved for those bosses, managers, upper management and the rest with big titles but lacking in little common courtesy. People's identities and dignity should not be tied to their jobs, hourly wages or where they rank on the poverty line. When least expected, Karma will scratch them out.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"I don't know what it is" by RedGoddess

"I don't know what it is" by RedGoddess 
The weatherman predicted record breaking temperatures. No sun in sight but traffic is already backed up. Everyone is in a hurried state to grab something before reaching work. By 11:12 am, a nearby hotel bursts into flames as commuters run for cover inside various businesses. Within minutes, flashing red and blue lights blanketed the city streets. Firetrucks and ambulance vans dispatched to the affected neighborhood. At exactly 11:21 am, the whole city went pitch black. An old lady covered in ash asks the officer directing traffic, "do you know what's floating in the air?" He mumbles,"I don't know what it is"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Featured Poet at DNA Art & Music Fusion in Second Life

On Sunday, March 11, I was honored to be the featured poet at DNA in Second Life. I've attended many events and poetry readings in the past few months. This is venue that nudged me into becoming age-verified. After listening to many amazing poets and musicians there, some of whom are close friends, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited. The event is hosted by the fabulous Grail.  I received a warm welcome from venue owners Armany Thursday & Dyce Underwood.

Prior to the big day, the major challenge for me was selecting a variety of my writings to showcase the topics I tend to address in my poetry, drabbles and monologues. I opened  with a piece called "leaves" which explores my love for the fall season and the vibrancy of their beauty. I'm  a New England transplant, so I've always been fascinated by how a tree can be green in August and turn fiery red and orange by October. My intent was to start with some light poems then some intense ones and finish with a few steamy (so I've heard lol) ones. I read another poem called "photograph" which is about recollected memories and emotions triggered from a photograph left on a lover's pillow. Letting go of past relations and interactions is often difficult and takes time to move on.

I have decided to share one of my favorite monologues by Eve Ensler, called " I am an emotional creature" from her recent book with the same title. This is a long heart-felt monologue that I enjoy reading but it makes my heart skips a few beats every time I read it. Since the whole book reflects the struggles of girls around the world, it resonates with my community work and issues that I'm passionate about. The other long piece that I read is about the invisibility of women's history celebration on commercial television. It's called "No commercials on women's history month." I had planned to share my views in 100 words but this piece just exploded out of me once I started writing it. It exposes a lot of double standards in American culture, media images and how women's issues are commercialized and co-oped only to sell products.

After several of these gut wrenching pieces, I thought it was time for a little fun and changed the mood by sharing one poem by Bonchance Longfall called, "Sweet Sensation." I accidentally started reading this poem because I asked bc to read it during an open mic and he requested that I read it instead. OMG! The fun I have reading this piece is indescribable. It's as if the words just flow off my lips and the imagery is just sensational. Two other poems that I read are "Soul Confession" and "Garden of Passion" which I believe increased the temperature of the room by 30 degrees! These two pieces are a complete departure from my nature and socially conscious writings. This is where I let fantasy take over and let my imagination loose on the page. With a bit of word play and tantalizing images, the mood has shifted dramatically. Once everyone cool off a bit,  I chose  a beautiful bilingual poem titled, "Ne m'oubliez pas (don't forget me)" to be the grand finale. I wrote this poem a few months ago while watching a music video. The video opening was touching  with these few words written on a sticky note. Only the title and the last stanza are in French. Depending on the event, I sometimes read the whole poem in French, thanks to Frederic who graciously translated it for me. Although I was nervous at the beginning of the reading, I had a fabulous time and grateful to Grail, Armany and Dyce for the opportunity to share my voice with a captive audience in Second Life. I also appreciate my circle of friends for coming out and cheering me on:)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day 2012

March 8 is Women's International Day! This is a unique celebration worldwide that started over a hundred years ago. During this global holiday, many will focus on women's contributions worldwide while celebrating in struggle and sisterhood. Although women's have made monumental contributions in our society, it often goes unnoticed or minimized. It is one day girls and women can learn and be reminded of the struggles women have gone through to ensure the rights and opportunities we have today. I'm sure many are questioning the validity of such a day in 2012 or even the relevance of women's history month. I personally would like to sustain this day and month as they are grounded in history which we tend to forget when solely measuring the strides we've made today.    Several countries and organizations  highlight this day in various ways. I hope you will  take a moment to remember those who fought and still fighting for equality & social justice. Check out the link below to read President Obama's proclamation. Happy Women's International Day & History Month!