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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sparkle 100 word challenge: Lola's adventures continues

It's another week of Crap's 100 word challenge! I'm on the road this weekend but have been thinking about what to write for the challenge. I love the word but I'm not going in the direction I intended. As some of you may know, the movie "Sparkle" is also out this month and I was envisioning a piece about the late Whitney Houston since it is her last film. Unfortunately, in the wee hour of the morning, the piece just would not come together. I woke up, made sure i had a decent cup of coffee nearby and I pour onto my laptop the latest Lola story. So, what you'll find this week is a kind of food for thought mixed with life lessons as Lola gets through another day at her fast-paced job at the hotel. Hope you enjoy it:)

Sparkle by RedGoddess

After coping with many personal losses in recent years, Lola no longer believes that time always heals. Although she is grateful to be among the living, she senses she's coming undone. Lola is disturbed that many missed out on living fully while alive. She hopes her funeral will not begin with "we are here to honor and celebrate the life of a beautiful young woman gone too soon." Before she could shake off these morbid thoughts, a pregnant woman is in front of her screaming, "call 911 now, I'm in labor!" She can still forge a living legacy that will sparkle.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words: Nothing by RedGoddess

As many of you may know, the US presidential election is in full swing. Both parties (Republicans and Democrats) have national conventions coming up, in Florida and North Carolina respectively. Television viewers cannot escape the flood of "I approve this message" ads between their favorite shows. Well, Lola can't even eat her breakfast and catch the morning news, without being rudely interrupted. Just like in politics, she has a choice. See what she does during this week's 100 word challenge. The word is "Nothing"

Nothing 100 word story by RedGoddess

"The American people deserve a candidate with experience..." declares the newsanchor. With coffee brewing and toast in one hand, Lola listens to the morning news as she dresses for her 16 hour shift. She mutes the TV unable to digest more than 30 seconds of packaged promises. She watches the news in small doses the same way she would like to eat fatty foods, but who can afford it? These career politicians have finessed the art of promising nothing while expecting voters to give absolute commitment. Lola is part of the new working poor. She has become immune to charismatic political puppets.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words: Fair

During these tough economic times, it appears those who are already struggling can't get a break. Their basic needs cannot even being met and may have to choose being food, medicines and now public transportation. Lola can relate to their plight and dealing with similar issues. She, too takes the bus to the hotel.

Fair 100 word story by RedGoddess

This month, the state transportation authority raises the fares for buses and trains. They triple the price for seniors and students. In some areas, bus routes are restricted. Commuters take to the streets. They jump the turnstiles to show these power hungry executives they are fed up. Lola sees all sides of the argument even though she too, will be affected by these changes. She wonders how is it fair for people to choose whether to buy groceries, medications or pay for a damn bus pass? It seems these transportation managers cut their sense of decency with the annual budget.