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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Card

The word this week is: Card. It was literally a challenge for me as I tried to develop a story that was authentic to Lola's days at work. I wanted her to take a break from the mystery and yet shows that she still prioritizes work over building a live outside of her job. Then again, she doesn't have the luxury to take a personal day solely for self-indugence. Hope you enjoy this week's story in the Lola series.

Card 100 word challenge by RedGoddess

The rainstorm hits the coast harder than locals expected. Rain or shine Lola has to work. At the hotel, the wind slaps the front gate open, dragging debris in from the main street. A queen of heart card flies in and lands on Lola's desk. She looks up and notices the light for the "no vacancy" sign is flickering. Lola wishes she had taken a personal day off to spend time with the mystery guy. She's reluctant to open her heart and deal with another disappointment. She could still hear his last words while saying good night, "you intrigue me."

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