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Monday, February 27, 2012

Red's Interview with Second Life Poet Bonchance Longfall

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing bonchance longfall, a prolific poet/writer in second life. Poetry is thriving in second life. On any given day, there are events happening all over the grid but many of us have declared Sunday "Poetry Day" in SL because you can attend poetry readings from morning to midnight.
Since I rezzed in sl, I've been enjoying meeting new poets and listening to their inspirational writing.
It is no surprise that Bonchance is one of my favorite poets and can listen to him read for hours. So, it is a special treat to chat with him one on one about his poetry, hosting open mics in SL and the topics he explores in his writing. You can hear bonchance reads at several venues in second life. Every Sunday at 2pm slt, I co-host the Helios Casual Reading with him. We always have a great time and read beyond the one hour time slot. We are fortunate to hold our readings in an elegant comfortable home thanks to our gracious host, Olorin.  Once a month (last Saturday), bc is at Sea Turtle Island to host an open mic at 8am slt. He also reads regularly at my open mics on Sundays at 11am slt at the speakeasy and NPC. There are many opportunities for new and seasoned writers to connect and share work at their own pace.
I hope you enjoy the interview and will join us in second life to experience the love of poetry and support writers of all genres.

Check out the site below to hear Bonchance's poems:

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