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Monday, April 30, 2012

Open Mic poetry at Four Bridges & Mrmulti at NPC!

What a weekend I had? Sunday is becoming my busiest day of the week which has actually made Monday more bearable. On April 29, I held a community meeting at Four Bridges to connect with members and find out what everyone has been working on. Since we just celebrated Earth Day, I invited Carl to join us to provide a brief update of all the festivities he was involved in. Based on his report, the drum circle at Feed a smile was a major success and fun too. There will be a weekly drum circle on Sundays at 8am slt in second life. This time was chosen to avoid the start of poetry marathon at 9am in second life (many people are quickly discovering this). I thought the session went well and I made a few more announcement of whats to come in May at Four Bridges.

At 11am slt, our open mic poetry quickly started with Lemonodo oh who's already read the most versatile poetry selections. Although I was somewhat ready, I prefer hearing other first while I warm up a bit. I woke that morning listening to Billie Holiday and then proceeded to Ana Difranco, exactly in that order. I was taken by the lyrics of "fuel" and played the song several times to explore the possibility of reading it out loud. I decided they would be perfect for the crowd at SpeakEasy but was a bit reluctant about my ability to do the piece justice. So I held back and pass the mic to Anamaria who read 2 amazing poems of her own. Ana had to leave a little early to head to DNA for their poetry reading. She was the featured poet. She's brilliant and has the voice to match. I knew she would dazzle the crowd with her selections:)
A few more readers shared their favorite poems and other genres. I decided to read "fuel" and my 100 word challenge. "Fuel" was definitely a mouthful but really enjoyed sharing it with the audience. Ani also can sing that song with such intensity that the lyrics hit home every time I listen to it. So, the word of the week for the challenge was "hotel." I guess it's called a challenge for a reason because it took me till the wee morning hour to finish this over the weekend. It's such a relief when I send it to crap and know it's off my writing list but really worth it when I see the final product from 1 random word. You can read my entry below and let me know what you think:

"Hotels are often portrayed as luxurious hideaways, vacation escapes for the rich and famous. A safe house for celebrities and an escape from the scandals and unspeakable behaviors that often accompany them. A code of silence between the guests and skilled laborers provides protection for all. Laborers, the common populace that is forced to clean up afterwards, while smiling. Lola knows firsthand the irreparable damages of guests gone badly behind closed doors. She knows the sweat, and sore feet needed to protect them. She also knows what doesn't stay hidden, isolation, anger, addiction, desperation, loneliness, all disguised as high life."

The day is not over yet readers. At 12pm slt, I head over to NPC to launch my month long Red Hot celebration for my birthday. Yay! MrMulti is the featured performer of the hour at my NPC parcel to promote my work with the Girls' Project in sl. This is his second time on the sim to celebrate an important day in my life. As you may recall, he was one of the performers for my rezz day event as well with Annan Dreamscape.  Mic is a fun perform to listen to and of course dance to his music. He did all originals for a whole hour which was awesome! A lot of friends popped over, including, Carl, Brokali, Sevi, Drumstick and some new faces as well. Meetu Writer, his manager, was also there and its her birthday too which I learned while at Guthrie's for his 10am slt show. Mic sang Happy Birthday to both of us. Very sweet:)
I danced for most of the hour except when I crashed which is always a challenge while hosting events but I'm so used to it now, I just logged right back in. Needless to say, the hour flew by and the launch of my celebration is off to a great start!

Next Sunday, May 6, Shannon Oherhily (noon slt) & Tukso Okey (1pm slt) will continue the Red Hot Celebration at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy. You do not want to miss this show!

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