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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetry Hour at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges

We had another fun-filled hour of poetry at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges. I started the hour sharing the news that Adrienne Rich had passed away on Thursday. I was shocked when I heard the news while reading the New York Times. Ms. Rich is one of my favorite writers that I discovered her books in college and continue reading her vast writings till this day. I always grab a copy of her books wherever I find one, particularly during the years when we had a prominent feminist bookstore locally. She even had a talk at New Words bookstore in Cambridge, MA which was such a treat to have her in the city. So naturally, I read a few of her poems and discussed why I love her writing so much. Lemonodo Oh also shared a few pieces as well. I'm hoping to dig out more of her work to read during future open mics in second life.
Since I started writng 100 word drabbles, I also read my entry for this week's challenge through crap mariner.My dynamic co-host, Brokali, also shared his microfiction during the hour. Anamaria, another amazing poet in second life, read a few wonderful pieces with the crowd. She has a soft captivating voice yet reads with intensity. Sevi read an entry by bonchance longfall who has a range of poetry selections and short stories. For the first time at SpeakEasy, Lycanthia read two of her stories for us. She's such a good storyteller and definitely kept the crowd interested in hearing more. Before we knew it, the hour was up and had to teleport to another event.
Hope to see you one of these Sundays at SpeakEasy for Poetically Speaking:)

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