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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Hotel Diaries of Lola Reading, SLB12 & Live Music Events in Second Life

It's officially the first day of summer! Whoo! I'm beyond excited for some sunshine after a nasty winter. In celebration of summer, and the launch of ReadFest, I have a chance to read loads of Lola stories on Book Island. But First, we will have live entertainment from MrMulti and Meetu-Hannu Writer, two musicians who perform originals, covers and harmonies.
On Sunday, June 21, I will host the weekly open mic poetry, 11am slt at SpeakEasy & Gallery Rouge. Then at noon slt, I'll welcome back Musician James Olmos to the stage for his heart-felt original songs and covers. This is my kind of weekend, filled with music, spoken words and friends.

In addition to poetry, stories and music, Second Life is also celebrating its 12th anniversary this month. If you're a resident in Second Life, join us! This is the perfect time to discover virtual worlds while we have so much festivities going on.