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Monday, May 7, 2012

Poetry, Live music with Shannon Oherhily & Tukso Okey: Triple Dose of Fun at SpeakEasy

What an amazing Sunday! I knew the day was going to be packed since I put the schedule together but when the day finally arrived, I was beyond excited. First up, we had our regular scheduled open mic poetry at SpeakEasy with writers of all genres. Lemonodo Oh opened the hour with two wonderful poems. I must say he's always ready to share and rarely reads the same pieces twice. Second Life was acting up and for the life of me could not get voice to work. I pass the mic to Anamaria who has a knack for reading some of the thought provoking poems I've ever heard. I can't say enough about how brilliantly talented she is! After many voice reset, I was finally able to take the floor to read. I shared this week's 100 word challenge. The word was "smoke." I had to sleep on that one a bit before I came up with Lola's new adventure at work. I also read several poems from poetry 180, a program that encourages high school students to read a poem a day. I do quite a bit of digging for new poems or stories in preparation for hosting the open mics. I randomly chose a few from the website that I found intriguing. Before I knew it, the hour was over and it was time for our 2 hour live music concert to start.
Singer/Songwriter Shannon Oherhily is featured at SpeakEasy on the first Sunday of the month and is a favorite at Four Bridges. She never disappoints. This Sunday was no exception. She sang one of my favorites, "Emotional Vampire" and a few other deep songs. It was awesome hour of live music. Lot of friends and new faces in the crowd. Carl and Drumstick dropped by. millay Freschi (Founder of Four Bridges) and Orb Thursday were also in the audience. Yay!  
For the third hour of marathon Sunday at SpeakEasy, Musician Tukso Okey, guitar king, took the stage. I've been anticipating this concert for a few days and was on cloud 9 when the date was confirmed.  Padula Bing, Tukso's Manager was the first few to arrive. Becca from his street team was also in the crowd. Shepp and Kari, two friends that I often see at live music venues joined the party. I even got a little birthday smooch from Shepp. lol     This was such a fun hour of Tukso madness and awesomeness. He ROCKED it out! This blog entry won't do justice to the experience. That means you have to come to one of the upcoming shows to get a dose of Tukso live and loud.
I later realized an hour is just not enough to soak into Tukso's music, especially on a special occasion like a celebration. Like in in real life, all good things in moderation. I'm satisfied until the next concert is announced:)
I was happy that the reading and performances have exceeded my expectations. Plus, everyone told me they had a great time:)
On that happy note, I invite you to tp over next Sunday at 11am slt to enjoy hours of poetry and live music. CECI Dover performs live at noon slt. You do not want to miss her debut at SpeakEasy!

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