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Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Sunday with Shannon Oherhily, Poetry Reading + The Seated Scribes

What an amazing Sunday at Four Bridges! It's Labor Day weekend in the US and many people are on break or back to school mode. At 4B, we're always in the mood for a fun gathering with writers, educators and other residents on the sim. Naturally, we kicked off the day with our poetry hour at 11am slt at SpeakEasy. We had a wonderful crowd of regulars and new faces. I had one of my co-hosts, Brokali by my side, so everything started on a happy note. I read "Sometimes" for F.B. from an anthology that I've been reading for weeks now. It's a wonderful spoken word piece about poetry and writing. I then passed the mic to Brokali to introduce more readers. We had a new writer named Trevor who read a gorgeous piece about beauty. I had to request a notecard to reread the poem later. We filled up the hour pretty quickly with various readers: Lemonodo, Maria, Bonchance, Sabreman, Pamala and Carl to name a few. In between, Brokali and I shared our own work with the audience. We certainly had no shortage of writers willing to take mic.

At noon slt, our featured performer and winner of the Amnesty International Songwriting Contest took the stage for a fabulous hour of smooth, mellow and melodious concert. First Sunday has become one of my favorite time of the month since I get to hear Shannon and connect with her fans, many of whom are musicians as well.  The Test and Emotional Vampire are two of my favorites. Special thanks to Severina for the picture above. I often crash and she was gracious enough to take a few shots while I hosted. Before we knew it, it was 1 pm slt and the 2 hours had gone by like lighting.
We had a little break while other continue to the next open mic around the grid. Bonchance Longfall's event,  "The Seated Scribes" is at 2pm slt on the deck at Four Bridges. Bonchance has created a new form where writers can share their work and get feedback. You should check it out sometimes and bring your own writing to be discussed among a group of supportive artists.

As you can we had a packed day! We'll do it all over again next Sunday at Four Bridges. Open mic poetry and microfiction readings are thriving in second life. I invite you to join us any weekend, to bask in live music and the written word!

Till we meet again:)


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