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Friday, April 13, 2012

100 word challenge "hug"

This week's word is "hug." This turns out to be a fun word to play with. Lola continues her surprising adventures in the city. Many of you have read previous stories with Lola as the main character. I will read this entry during my open mic on Sunday, at SpeakEasy, 11am slt. Check out the entry and recording.

Lola doesn't often hug. She hugs friends on special occasions, or to comfort a good girlfriend after a blindsided break up. Other people seem to hug everywhere. Airports, train stations, restaurants, clubs are all notorious for sudden thoughtless embraces. Most movies include at least one oddly placed embrace. But still, Lola thinks hugs should be reserved for crisis, or only when desperately needed. Until recently,with the start of an intense romance. She has found serenity in her lover's bounty of hugs. And needs no reason to open her arms.She realizes now a hug is an extension of heart.

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