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Monday, June 25, 2012

Red Sunday: Open Mic Readings, Community Roundtable & Tukso Okey Concert

Sunday's open mic poetry at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy was awesome (it usually is)! Last Sunday is usually packed with activities because we have our monthly roundtables at 10am slt for members to come together and share announcements about whatever they're working on. Plus, I went to Carl's drumming at 8am slt at the Feed a Smile sim for some Also, SL9B festivities were in full swing all weekend. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful turn out with new faces and our regulars for the sharing of the written word. Synapse opened the hour with three great pieces. Lemonodo read a few selections and then the ball got rolling with Queen, Don, Squiddy, Carl and many other writers who were present. Matty, a new member, passed one poem to Carl to read for her. We often encourage participants who may not feel comfortable to read or a little shy, to ask the host or anyone of their choice, to read on their behalf. Queen's piece about girls gave me a nudge to read "I am an emotional creature" by Eve Ensler. I wished Anamaria was there, so she could  read it instead. I've been enjoying her version and style of reading the monologue a great deal.
For many residents of SL, crashing is part of the experience. Well, let me tell SL decided to have a little fun with me while I was hosting. I crashed 3 times if not more. Thank goodness Synapse came to the rescue and hold down the fort for me by reading and introducing others. Sadly, Brokali, my funny cohost was under the weather and couldn't join us. I'm hoping he'll be in good health by next weekend to participate fully.
After the poetry hour, I took a mini break to recuperate from the relentless crashes and came back to get a notice from Synapse about Alex's open mic at 1pm slt on book island. I popped over for a bit to hear some of the writers and entered to win a guitar as the door prize. Of course, I did not win:( Barbara, the Book Island correspondent was the lucky winner. Congrats! I enjoyed Synapse's except from the book she's reading. Before I knew it, I crashed right after Singh's stories. I thought this was a sign another break was in order. After a few hours offline, I realized I haven't had a dose of Tukso Okey in days, if not weeks. So, I relogged one more time and was greeted with a notice from Padula Bing about a concert at Wild Girls. After clearing my inventory and a quick change, I tped over to the venue for the concert. The moment I heard his guitar riff at the landing, I knew Ive been away for too long. Wow! And then the voice, "Are you having a good time?", Tusko asked. Fans can't help but screamed, YES! I sure did lol. Needless to say, I ended my SL night on a high and still grooving to Tukso's vibe. Amazing!

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