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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Red's Rezz Day Celebration with MrMulti Writer, Annan Dreamscape & Tukso Okey

On January 29, I celebrated my 1st SL Rezz Day at my organization's headquarter housed on the Non-profit Commons sim. Our cozy space or as I like to call it the "purple palace" was built by my friend Devi who also has a nonprofit  (SATOBS) in Second Life and a fabulous builder/decorator. We started the day at 10:30am slt with an open mic poetry reading. Sevi, one of my sl friends set out the prettiest floor pillows for guests to lounge. We had tons of colorful balloons and of course a huge cake with candles. I enjoyed a great deal in second life, in addition to promoting my non-profit and television programs, poetry and live music are the two activities that have engaged me in virtual world. So, it was fitting to have both during the celebration.
After our hour of poetry, MrMulti took the stage with his keyboard and guitar and sang a beautiful original. One of my favorite song that he often does for me is "Lady in Red" which is quite a pretty song and just love his  rendition. Once I heard that song, I was ready to dance the day away. Everyone was on the dance floor after a great time. I must admit as much as I was enjoying myself, SL was doing its usual antics to turn my day upside down. For a good part of the day, I was a misty red cloud! Of course, I looked fine on my screen but all my friends were dancing with a glowing cloud.
MrMulti performed a great set the 3rd hour of the party before passing the mic to the fabulous Annan Dreamscape. I first heard Annan at Pannie's during one of her shows. At the end of the concert, we were invited on stage to dance and sing "We are Family." She closed the show on such fun high note that I had to make it to another show. She has a stunning voice and sang a lot of cool pop songs like "the lazy song" by Bruno Mars which is a favorite of mine. Naturally, on my Rezz Day I just wanted to dance and listen to poetry with my friends. We requested a lot of covers from Mic and Annan that day which those two encourage at their live shows. I must also share that Annan and Mic have also done duets and are quite a pair on stage. Nor, Annan's sound Engineer is a hoot on stage as well. They have awesome chemistry and make us laugh throughout the concert. All in all, I had the best Rezz Day a RedGoddess can ask for:)
I was surrounded by good friends, poetry and music all day long. The live music continued at Tukso Okey's concert that night. OMG! It was amazing! That's all I will say for now. I'll talk about my love for Tukso's music among other things in another blog:)
All the musicians who performed that day are online, have sl groups and great web sites/blogs. Check out the links below to learn more about their music and where to buy their CDs. Special thanks to all their managers (Meetu, Brookee & Padula) for bringing us these amazing artists.

MrMulti Writer

Annan Dreamscape

Tukso Okey

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