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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hotel Adventures of Lola: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Thank you to all of you for making 2013 so memorable. The year came and went surprisingly fast but I savored the last few days. Don't get me wrong, it was a hectic year of juggling endless responsibilities. I squeezed in some writing and editing of the Lola stories. I appreciate your comments and support throughout the year.
Besides the book, I'm working on an immersive project for readers to experience the Lola stories in Second Life. I can't say more than that. In the meantime, you can hear to latest Lola at the Four Bridges Open Mic on Sundays at 11am slt.  Stay tuned for more adventures in Lola's life...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hotel Adventures of Lola: Cashmere by RedGoddess

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Between work, turkey and eggnog, I wrote the latest Lola's hotel adventure. I'm introducing a new character, Mirabella, a beautiful Heiress with daddy issues and a shopping addiction. If you like it, leave me a comment:)

"Damn it! I'm wearing cashmere and it's raining," says the raven hair heiress as she shakes her orange polka dot umbrella. Her Hermes scarf and bag on the counter while giving Lola two air kisses. "Oh my darling Lola," She sighs in despair. "you didn't tell me the weather was so despicable." She resembles a tanned barbie doll in distress. In spite of her dramatic flair, she clicks with Lola. Lola in the oddest way relates to her.
Mirabella, the 21 year-old daughter of a fashion mogul from Milan, has been living at the hotel since adolescence. Her parents live separate lives yet cross continents for family vacations and her birthday. They think these seasonal appearances make up for parental neglect. Naturally, Mirabella gets bored easily with stuff and men, so she buys vintage jewelry and rare paintings at local auctions. She has an affinity to old black and white family portraits. She can imagine herself sitting on her mother's lap and her dad looking adoringly at them. "C'est la vie. To yearn or fear the unknown," she often says at the end of her chat with Lola and walks away humming "qui sera, sera...' She is Lola's Hepburn.
She could buy and sell the whole damn place and the restaurants around it if she so desires. She's a daddy's girl with the usual baggage from a wealthy family. She has zero sense of control when it comes  to money. This week, she bought a brand new hot pink BMW just because she saw it in a commercial.  By next week, she'll hate the color with more passion than an angry bull. Lola can't fathom spending money like that on a whim but she finds it ironic that she can share Mirabella's family pain. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Adventures of Lola: River by RedGoddess

Here's the latest hotel adventures of Lola. She is in a reflective mood on this one. Hope you like and don't forget I love getting your comments, so leave one:)

There is a river that runs through Lola's neighborhood to the hotel. Many residents treasure it as if it were "La seine" itself.  Lola gazes through the foggy bus windows with sadness as she watches the fishermen, rowers, boaters and ducks on the water,  soaking in nature's beauty. It occurs to her, she has never taken a walk, had a picnic or even rode a ferry to the many islands close by. It's ironic that tourists seem to explore the city more fully than those who live here. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Adventures of Lola Stories: Lifestyle Change by RedGoddess

If only stress was a miracle diet, then Lola would definitely have a super model body without depriving herself of decadent desserts. During each annual physical, Dr. Drinkwater reminds Lola she's far from being in good shape. Positive healthy life style changes are in order. 
Since the injuries sustained during the traumatic robbery in the hotel, chronic headaches and insomnia plague her. Lola fears the worst. Something ominous is lurking. There is no extra funds for pricey gyms or personalized diet plans. Her life is in crisis.
Lola leaves work early to make her follow up appointment. She has just enough time to read an entire O magazine article on Living your Best Life  before the doctor rushes in with his clipboard. "Sorry for being late. I have a full schedule this afternoon," No eye contact.  She stares at the back of his clipboard and then gives him a cold look. Without a pause, he lunges into his list, "Your blood pressure remains high," He continues, pretending not to see her facial expression. "Have you started an exercise program yet, like we discussed during your last appointment?"  Lola is beyond frustrated, how dare he talks down to her like an imbecile! Lola snaps and bolts out of her chair.  She pulls down his clipboard and locks her eyes with his. "For a change, why don't I do the talking and YOU listen."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Finagle by RedGoddess

I can't believe it's Sunday! Guess what? The unthinkable happened. I'm a little under the weather and recuperating so I can start writing again. In spite of this pesky bug, I'm having a great Second Life weekend full of events. Between cough syrups, ginger teas and saline sprays, I designed a new poster (the one above) to promote all the SL events at various venues.
We kicked off the weekend with Musician MrMulti Writer at Gallery Rouge. He joins us on the 2nd Friday at 5pm for one of the most energetic shows in SL. He started the show on top of the piano. I'm not kidding. He eventually landed on the ground and danced the week away.
On Saturday, Writer Zill read a selection of short stories at Red Art Four Bridges. He's a master storyteller with a range a fabulous accents. I hope he will continue joining us monthly with more stories from more authors we rarely hear about. Today, I started my day displaying some artwork and a new elephant at Four Bridges. Sevi joined me for a bit as I attempted to place the elephant somewhere prominent for visitors to enjoy. With a cup of coffee in hand, I then headed over to Angeljade's poetry event at 10:00a slt. She's a breath of Caribbean fresh air. Next stop, our weekly open mic poetry reading and Singer/Songwriter Shannon Oherhily performed at Four Bridges SpeakEasy for the public. She has three shows coming up in the US. One of these days, I hope she gets booked in Boston/Cambridge in the near future. She hinted Club Passim in Cambridge, a cool spot for performers. Our last event for today is The Seated Scribes (Every Sunday) on the deck at Four Bridges, 2p slt. A group of writers come together to read and edit our drafts or work we feel need some feedback. This is the place to be if you have a work in progress or a piece of writing that's just not where it should be yet. That's quite a full day for a sick Goddess! Here's a Lola story to keep you entertained till the next one. Happy Reading!

Kahn is what one would call a social drinker. He's on every socialite's invite list for parties and fundraisers. He is handsome with all the trappings of old money and success. He has two weaknesses: women and booze. He can't resist neither even though he's in rehab for the third time.
Both his wife and mistress left him after he was caught with a dead male escort at Lola's hotel. With all of his powerful friends and wealth, he was finally caught in a dead end situation. Lola wonders,  how will he finagle out of this mess?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lola's Adventures: Pork By RedGoddess

Lola revels in the chaos before work. There is a level of traffic that's cosmopolitan, and the usual early birds are all in the streets. The toothless man who empties out the burned cigarettes from the public astray, every few seconds, he lets out a disturbing laugh and mumbles "who's fault is it, anyway?" 
An older Black woman, head wrapped in a colorful scarf, sweeping the front of the university theater. She always stares towards the marquee as if thinking, "What if?"
Lola walks by the pan handler sitting on a rusty bus bench, tapping both hands on her starved thighs, humming to herself. Lola smiles and hands her a crumpled dollar bill.
In the distance, Lola can smell the tiny shops, she sometimes stops by the meat market to buy pork for her grandmother to make a spicy stew. She can taste the stew in her mind.
As she approaches the hotel, she notices Tom, a proud grandfather of twins doing his morning stretches before his daughter drops off the kids. There are runners, cyclists, dog walkers, parents waiting for school buses and restless children chasing pigeons. She peers inside her favorite wine cellar with a fat golden cat in the display window. Lola inhales the sweet smell of fresh bread and coffee brewing from the hotel kitchen. On a day like this, she's exactly where she belongs.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Reading List Craze by RedGoddess

It's been a rainy summer on the East Coast. When it rains, I hibernate with a good book and dream about stories of my own. This week, I read a few articles on that seem to hit a nerve with several people, at least, in the comment section. The first is by Lynn Neary, 6 choices from book critics. I have not read any of these books and I'm not sure I will anytime soon. One commentator was disappointed that there were no female author on the critic top list. Well, that statement didn't sit well with others, even one person who's a feminist. Yikes! It is a fact that all the writers chosen were male. This is such a common practice that I don't blame NPR or even the writer as she simply shared the list. This kind of fluff piece are so popular this time of year, particularly online and in magazines. The never ending list of "LIST." I haven't thought about a summer reading list since high school. I read what and when I want during my minimal leisure time. Personally, I do read a lot of female fiction and non-fiction writers by choice. I peruse through my library page for ideas,, and my friend offer recommendations. Once in a while, I attend book discussions where I learn about new books and classics people are reading/reading. Beyond that, there is no formula to selecting what to read and will definitely not choose based on the season.
The other NPR article that I found is by Tania Lombrozo where she explores what our reading list reveal about reader's personality. This one certainly caught my attention because I don't think I fit the mold or the research findings she cited. Like music, my reading list is so broad that it would pose a challenge for anyone to dissect, let alone expose something about my personality. Right now, I'm not in school but I still read a lot of academic texts and research articles on gender and media.
On the other hand, I've consciously been choosing books from local authors, partly because I'm planning to attend their talks and just like the book focus. I'm also planning to read some books on women and travel. I haven't traveled as much as I used to in my 20's and I need some inspirations for the next spot to visit. The first two books on my list are: Tales from a female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman. I almost borrowed Eat, Love & Pray from the public library but changed my mind. Instead I'm listening to the soundtrack of the movie. I would love to visit all the places in the movie but I have to choose one at a time as I don't have the luxury to pack up like the author (Eat, Love & Pray) without losing my day job. So for now, I'll dive into the personal stories of a few travel writers while I figure out where to go next. Tell me what you're reading this week. Do you have any travel plans in the next few months? I want to hear about it! Send me a comment after reading the post.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Tomatoes by RedGoddess

It's been a while since I share a new story. I've been compiling the Lola stories for publication and of course writing and reading new tales. Thanks to all participants at the Seated Scribes for their suggestions. If you like the Lola series, leave me a comment below.  Do you have a favorite story? Would love to hear your feedback:) 

A lot of celebrities have fallen for the GYOP (Grow Your Own Produce) marketing hype. Even the First Lady has jumped on the eating fresh bandwagon. She holds fruit and veggie parties on the White House lawn for the children. She then shares her bountiful crops with dignitaries and other V.I.P. guests. For entertainment, she performs the hula hoop without breaking a sweat. Ah yes, save the children, Lola whispers to herself. You have to admire a well-liked mother, wife, public health advocate who finds time to grow her own tomatoes.
Five blocks from the white house, the local news station reported that an unemployed mother was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread at the Farmers' Market. A fight ensued and many commented on how this type of crime really hinders the positive message the First Lady is promoting. The tearful woman later confessed to the booking officer at the county jail that she lost her food stamps at the shelter and needed to feed her family. I guess when it comes to feeding the hungry, not everyone can eat from the land.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Faint by RedGoddess

Lola is baffled by the random events held at the hotel. The ballroom can be transformed into any theme to suit clients' ever revolving tastes. Last week, there was a bachelor and a sweet sixteen party on the same day. This weekend, Lola will oversee a popular beauty pageant. The lobby is already filled with barbie look alikes of all shades and hair colors. They're practicing their runway walks in their rooms, hallways and the bathrooms. Wherever there is a mirror, you can find them staring into self-doubt and wishful thinking.
Lola can't imagine subjecting herself to this charade to win a crown. She would faint during the bathing suit competition and throw up on her gown. What exactly sets her apart from these hopeful contestants, parading in front of strangers for a high score and prize money? Lola doesn't approve but she can't play judge when she herself has made some questionable choices for a pay day.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Drink by RedGoddess

What an insane past few months! I've managed to keep the stories going in spite of real life challenges and other pressures. I am now seriously planning to publish a collection of these stories. I'm not which ones will make the cut but all of you reading this blog will have a say. Tell me your favorite Lola stories. I have so many which makes it really hard to choose. Nevertheless, I think it's time I take the plunge! In the meantime, check out this week's story. Don't forget to leave your comment.

Lola remembers a saying "a drink is a drink, is a drink, is a drink."
Maybe its from one of her recovering alcoholic hotel guests. She can't remember, but in some cases, it doesn't make sense. 
Every morning, her choice of drink is a home brewed cup of dark roasted coffee, with a dash of brown sugar. After work, coffee won't cut it, even with Baileys.
So honestly, a drink is not a drink, it is not a drink because Lola needs to numb her frustrations, before she explodes like dynamite.
Two days ago, she witnessed her lover having a drink with  another woman. He didn't see her, but she can't get this image out of her head. Him. Her. And a bottle of wine between them. Him smiling and laughing without her.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Adventures of Lola in 100 words: Play by RedGoddess

All work and no play has taken a toll on Lola's life. Her eyes are tired and sad.  There was a time she assumed fun was overrated, but now...she's throwing caution to the wind. She invited her lover to her new place for a surprise indoor picnic, filled with mystery games, and tantalizing exotic foods. First, she blindfolds him the moment he walks through the door. They hug for what seems like hours before she leads him on the bed for a sensual massage. She has no plans to take it beyond touch, good food and conversation tonight. His smell fulfills her in ways beyond any sexual satisfaction. By the third glass of wine, they were half naked and sharing secrets. Suddenly he became serious, "truth or dare?" he asks. Truth, she whispers playfully. Why are you afraid to be mine?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Poet Karima Hoisan Live at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy, April 28, noon slt!

In celebration of the second anniversary of our Open Mic Reading & Live Music, I am excited to announce that Karima Hoisan, one of my favorite artists in Second Life will be featured at Four Bridges on Sunday, April 28 at noon slt. Karima is an exceptional person with a well of talents. She always lifts my spirit when I hear her read and share her art with an audience. If you've never experience her poetry, I highly recommend you stop by early and grab a chair. We'll kick off our open mic reading at 11a slt and then Karima will take the stage. You don't want to miss her!

Here's your limo to SpeakEasy:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Senseless by RedGoddess (Day 16 NAPOWRIMO Poetry)

My beloved city of Boston is in mourning this week after the bombings at the Marathon on Monday, April 15. My thoughts are with all those affected by this horrific inhumane act. Although I wrote this piece today, I'm still in shock and cannot make sense of what took place right in my backyard. Thank you for the outpouring of love from friends close and far:)

A revered day
with promise
of innocence

Our world
in seconds
in bright 

A new day
vanished in 
lives, bodies, 
peace in disarray
witnessing horror
in real time
steps away
feet away
from childhood

breaking in
loud painstakingly
slow motion
one moment
This is it!
arms in the air
in absolute relief
then panic
dreams shattered
to the ground
it all slipped 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blindsided by RedGoddess (Day 7 NAPOWRIMO Poetry)

On to day 7! I read the first set of poems at Four Bridges this morning, including the one below. I'm hooked on seasonal change and painful memories. If you like the latest poem, let me know in the comment section. Happy Reading!

Buried pain
in pint of rum raisin ice cream
Melting in bloody tears
Blindsided by hope
I remember to forgive
You forgot to love
Now paralyzed by regrets

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Friday by RedGoddess (Day 5 NAPOWRIMO Poetry)

It's the lover
in infinite fantasies
longed for
before arrival
after departure
Its presence
is sublime
and then
the unthinkable
in the shadow
it never lasts
as long as
you need

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Procrastinate by RedGoddess (Day 4 NAPOWRIMO Poetry)


Time is not on my

Mind ticking with
I am tailing fleeting

the thrill of delay
is all consuming
In my mind
the work is complete
yet failure
is laughing

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wild Wind by RedGoddess (Day 3 NAPOWRIMO Poetry)

So far, the first few days of NAPOWRIMO have been more meaningful than I expected. I'm usually scratching my head for ideas and full of self-doubt but this is enjoyable. Here's today's poem:

Wild Wind

A tug of war
between seasons
wind bullying
into runners
flying like weeds
umbrellas transform
into daggers
no escape
the wind goddesses
their madness
on spring's serenity

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Morning Dance by RedGoddess (Day 2 NAPOWRIMO Poetry)

Morning Dance
Crawl out
to main street
leap on bus
twirl down the
spilled coffee 
in right hand
ten stops
to destination
through stand only
empty wet seat
yesterday's newspaper
for companion
until the next
commuter dance

Monday, April 1, 2013

Almost Spring by RedGoddess (Day 1 NAPOWRIMO Poetry)

Happy Poetry Month! I’ve decided to join the 30-day challenge Napowrimo this year to motivate myself to be more poetically engaged. Here's my first one exploring the spring sabotage. Read each entry as I post them. Don’t forget to leave a comment:)
Almost spring

The clouds
have suffocated the sun
Spring is prisoner
to winter
Trapped in fog
Thunderstorms roar
Sky sobs for
new season
Snow then rain
Ice then grail
The sun winks
Spring almost escaped

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Dark & Normal by RedGoddess

Celebrities often claim they just want a "normal" life, like ordinary people.  Stars get tired of being followed by fans and photographed during their most vulnerable moments. Ironically, the normal people crave the limelight and the money that afford celebrities a lavish lifestyle. In turn, they get in debt buying stuff celebrities sell. The dark truth is, normalcy is an illusion. Lola doesn't want either one since she's witnessed the pitfalls of both. I guess we all pay a price, for our choices, rich or poor.

Monday, March 25, 2013

21st Century Libraries: A Virtual Renaissance at Bangor Public Library: Four Bridges Project

This week on Talk! with Marie, I interviewed millay freschi, Founder of the Four Bridges Project.   Amy Cross (millay Freschi), a University of Maine Humanities Initiatives Graduate Assistant and Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Library Director, City of Presque Isle, will present a workshop on Wednesday, March 28 at 2:30p SLT (5:30p Est) at the Bangor Public Library for school educators, librarians and other interested people. Ms Cross and Ms Plummer-Morgan will discuss the myriad possibilities for virtual libraries and virtual books, using Second Life and other online tools.
You can visit the 4B sim if you've never and then join us at the library, which is located in the downtown area of the sim.  If you miss the live show, visit my page on blogtalkradio to listen to listen to the interview.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Adventures of Lola Stories: Border by RedGoddess

How do you miss something you never had? Lola has a recurring haunting dream where she opens a door and watches her father walking away into a paradise. She never sees his face, and he doesn't look back. She heard stories about him while eavesdropping on grown folk's talk as a child. Her mother can't even say his name without anger in her eyes. The same anger Lola has when she recalls her mother leaving her and her sister. Her grandmother often says Lola has his wit and wisdom. She's flattered but frustrated to be compared to an invisible man. Lola  exists on the border.  She's exposed to the world, yet lives in fragments.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Temptations by RedGoddess

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Many celebrate this holidays with festivities and parades. Lola's hotel is no exception and have their of party guests gone wild. Hope you enjoy the latest story. Let me know what you think in the comment section:)

Hotels are the perfect refuge for people who can't say no to temptation. Every corner you turn, there is a substance we all should avoid. There are left over glazed donuts and stale chips in the cafeteria. Cake in the dining room for a staffer's birthday who's not even working today. Lola's Manager even has liquor hidden in plain sight, on her expensive desk. Standing in the lobby, wearing a green scarf, wishing guests "Happy St.Patty's Day," is her best escape from the temptations. 'Let's pretend all is jolly while she rewinds her worries in silence.' Some guests don't need an occasion to misbehave. The bar is packed with countless lost souls for Happy Hour daily.  This weekend is exaggerated. She will leave on the dot tonight. She has zero tolerance for privileged drunks.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Urban Renaissance by RedGoddess

On her bus commute to work, Lola imagines leaving her neighborhood behind. For the past 10 years, neighbors have been fighting for an urban renaissance. Politicians promise jobs, safety and better schools but with each election, less get done. She's fed up with all the lip service and being treated like an idiot for votes. Even the condition of the bus is a symbol of decay.
The passenger next to her smells like booze, piss and peanuts. The old lady in the front with her two grandchildren, cursing at the bus driver. The teenager in the back shouting on her cell phone. It's all taking a toll on her. It's time to take control of her destiny.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Storm by RedGoddess

There are three topics hotel guests talk about obsessively: weather, food and relationships. Many won't even plan their day without the weather report. Lola finds meteorologists to be overzealous promoters using scare tactics for ratings.  How the hell is a snow storm breaking news when there are multiple wars waging globally?  Lola knows to keep her political opinions to herself. Besides, her role is to please and serve with a smile. Being a smart mouth has dire consequences she's not willing to pay. Instead, she complements guests on their clothes, hairstyles and jewelry. Blending in, as an outsider, is the key to weather unpredictable life storms.

Friday, March 1, 2013

MrMulti, Ed Lowell & Annan Dreamscape at Gallery Rouge

On my Rez Day, we launched "First Friday" with Musician MrMulti at Gallery Rouge + Serendipity Cafe! Friday is now a fun night in, with music and friends. On March 1, we celebrated MrMulti's own Rez day with a surprise party and some special musician friends. Ed Lowell and Annan Dreamscape joined him on stage for a memorable night. There are three of the most talented artists in Second Life. They perform great covers and originals that make us shake, shiver and shout. We had a blast and danced to so many favorite tunes, including Lady in Red. I can listen to that song for hours!
Special thanks to Meetu, Sevi and all the members of our collective SL groups who were there and wished MrMulti Happy Rez Day. It's always awesome to be in your company:)
If you missed the last concert, I hope you'll join the party next month and kick off your weekend with the one and only, MrMulti & friends:)


Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Vacation by RedGoddess

The Lola series continues with a new story for your reading pleasure. Even a workaholic like Lola can appreciate the benefits of a vacation. Well, few things are simple for her.  Let's see what's she's dealing with at the hotel.

Vacation by RedGoddess

When the economy went downhill, a lot of people settled for "staycations." With more Americans unemployed and losing their homes, spending money on vacations was not on the priority list. Lola can only afford to dream about a getaway, and while she gets the gist of "staycations" she realizes without vacations, hotels wouldn't need workers like her.  Lola foregoes any time off and markets rooms for profit to the working poor to stay at the hotel.
Her manager will still take her 2 weeks paid vacation like clockwork, while Lola will convince people to spend money they shouldn't. Consumption remains the core of the American Dream.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Adventures of Lola 100 Word Stories: Tea by RedGoddess

Here's the latest adventures of Lola. This story reminds me of my first glass of long island iced tea in New Orleans. Till this day, this drink was stronger than I expected. Luckily, Lola is in the comfort of her home and with her sister. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to leave a comment:)

Lola misses girls' night out with her best friends. Since they've gotten older and juggling jobs and families, they've seen each other less. In high school, they used to hang out every day after school over soda and a basket of fries at the local diner. They gossiped about everything and give advice about boys. Life was so simple when together eating their problems away. These days, soda is not gonna cut it after dealing with her nasty boss.  At home, her sister knows just what she needs to take her mind off her troubles.  She makes a potent pitcher long island iced tea served with box of brownies. They talk for hours, reminiscing over drinks until they both pass out on the living room floor.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Gallery Rouge is Launched

Many of you know me as a writer in second life but I'm also a Photographer. After rezzing in SL, my level of creativity went through the roof. I finally found an outlet where I can mesh everything I love and bring people together. I've shared my photography at various galleries, art festivals and special shows in Second Life. I also display my work among a collective at Gallery Rouge, a gathering place for artists, writers and creative spirits to be in their element. We host open mic readings, live music, writing sessions and networking opportunities.
I invite you to visit and discover all the artists' unique creations. If you're an artist in Second Life, I would love for you to become one of the featured artists. IM talkwithmarie in Second Life.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Adventures of Lola 100 Word Stories: Bird by RedGoddess

Bird by RedGoddess
Monday is the worst working day! Lola is back to the daily grind at the hotel. Holiday festivities and romantic getaways with her lover are replaced by sore feet and demanding guests. She misses waking up to bird songs and sweet air instead of city traffic. It's time to reinvent herself, focus on paying down debts and aim her sights on a promotion. Work she can handle like a trained magician. But its not management, unless you are paid appropriately. No matter how hard she works, she knows it won't protect her from disappointments. But she needs more from life.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Adventures of Lola 100 Word Stories: Mustard by RedGoddess

Lola loves buttery soul food. She will never understand how women subject themselves to diets. She sure as hell isn't substituting mustard for mayo.  She has enough dos and donts in life. She tries to keep her curves in place, but if there is some chocolate, she ain't holding back. Her admirer has picked up on that and knows just the right food to cook for her.  Even when he's away, he spoils her with desserts and other delicacies that are irresistible.  Yeah, rich buttery food, mayo over mustard and with every bite she likes him more for loving her as she is...