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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poetry & First Sunday with Shannon Oherhily at SpeakEasy

Another exciting Sunday at SpeakEasy with Open Mic poetry at 11am slt. I was joined by co-host Brokali Resident, known for his thought-provoking microfiction stories. He was his usual funny self and engage the crowd between readers. I read this week's 100 word challenge with the word "hug." I usually don't know what I'm going to write until about Friday or Saturday. Sometimes I'm making changes as I'm emailing it to crap mariner for his podcast. I must admit I'm happy with what I wrote this week. Sevi and Brokali also read their version of the challenge during the hour. We were pleased to have Anamaria joined us and read a few of her favorite poems. She has a few that she will confess that "she's obsessed with." After hearing her read them so beautifully, I'm beyond obsessed with her selections. Even Brokali, who's quick to say he's not a poet threw in a "wow" after listening to Anamaria's reading. DangerDave, another awesome SL writer, also popped over for the first time at SpeakEasy but did not read.  I hope to see him again if rl does not interfere. Lemonodo read a few poems in several languages including: German and Italian. It's always a treat to hear literary works in other languages. We have a few French writers who typically do the honors but Lemonodo has broken the record for the most languages read in 1 hour. Naturally the hour flew by as we enjoyed hearing various individuals read both poetry and microfiction.
At noon slt, Shannon Oherhily took the stage for her live performance. It's First Sunday! Yay! We're always happy to have Shannon sing her heart-felt originals and covers. Maurice, her manager was also at SpeakEasy. Many of her fans tp over for the concert. Carmel was in the crowd, another amazing SL artist. I will definitely invite her to debut at 4B in the new future. I love hearing Shannon's stories between songs which are not always funny but memorable. She once lost her guitar in Montreal while traveling. Montreal is one of my favorite cities but I wouldn't want to leave any of my possessions behind:( Shannon did a great set filled with favorites of fans and a few originals in the mix.  With the end of the concert, we closed an awesome 2 hour of open mic and live music at SpeakEasy!

Join us every Sunday at 11am slt at SpeakEasy for poetry & microfiction. Shannon will be back next month for another laid back Sunday concert.

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