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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Tomatoes by RedGoddess

It's been a while since I share a new story. I've been compiling the Lola stories for publication and of course writing and reading new tales. Thanks to all participants at the Seated Scribes for their suggestions. If you like the Lola series, leave me a comment below.  Do you have a favorite story? Would love to hear your feedback:) 

A lot of celebrities have fallen for the GYOP (Grow Your Own Produce) marketing hype. Even the First Lady has jumped on the eating fresh bandwagon. She holds fruit and veggie parties on the White House lawn for the children. She then shares her bountiful crops with dignitaries and other V.I.P. guests. For entertainment, she performs the hula hoop without breaking a sweat. Ah yes, save the children, Lola whispers to herself. You have to admire a well-liked mother, wife, public health advocate who finds time to grow her own tomatoes.
Five blocks from the white house, the local news station reported that an unemployed mother was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread at the Farmers' Market. A fight ensued and many commented on how this type of crime really hinders the positive message the First Lady is promoting. The tearful woman later confessed to the booking officer at the county jail that she lost her food stamps at the shelter and needed to feed her family. I guess when it comes to feeding the hungry, not everyone can eat from the land.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Faint by RedGoddess

Lola is baffled by the random events held at the hotel. The ballroom can be transformed into any theme to suit clients' ever revolving tastes. Last week, there was a bachelor and a sweet sixteen party on the same day. This weekend, Lola will oversee a popular beauty pageant. The lobby is already filled with barbie look alikes of all shades and hair colors. They're practicing their runway walks in their rooms, hallways and the bathrooms. Wherever there is a mirror, you can find them staring into self-doubt and wishful thinking.
Lola can't imagine subjecting herself to this charade to win a crown. She would faint during the bathing suit competition and throw up on her gown. What exactly sets her apart from these hopeful contestants, parading in front of strangers for a high score and prize money? Lola doesn't approve but she can't play judge when she herself has made some questionable choices for a pay day.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Drink by RedGoddess

What an insane past few months! I've managed to keep the stories going in spite of real life challenges and other pressures. I am now seriously planning to publish a collection of these stories. I'm not which ones will make the cut but all of you reading this blog will have a say. Tell me your favorite Lola stories. I have so many which makes it really hard to choose. Nevertheless, I think it's time I take the plunge! In the meantime, check out this week's story. Don't forget to leave your comment.

Lola remembers a saying "a drink is a drink, is a drink, is a drink."
Maybe its from one of her recovering alcoholic hotel guests. She can't remember, but in some cases, it doesn't make sense. 
Every morning, her choice of drink is a home brewed cup of dark roasted coffee, with a dash of brown sugar. After work, coffee won't cut it, even with Baileys.
So honestly, a drink is not a drink, it is not a drink because Lola needs to numb her frustrations, before she explodes like dynamite.
Two days ago, she witnessed her lover having a drink with  another woman. He didn't see her, but she can't get this image out of her head. Him. Her. And a bottle of wine between them. Him smiling and laughing without her.