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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Red

Welcome back to a new story in the adventures of Lola series! So I wrote three stories all together but will only share two for now.  The third is still being revised and will most likely be slightly longer as Lola has more to say. I made history in numbers but not sure crap received them any earlier to post on his website. lol. As always, I hope you enjoy it and send me your comments.
The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Red

Lola can't believe she's been working the swanky hotel for three years.  It makes her sad to be such a natural. Lola lost her high paying job, on her 35th birthday. Instead of a tenth year celebration or an anniversary plague she found herself crying in the rear corporate parking lot. Since then, Lola has learned to treat herself to red every pay. The first week was a lipstick, than a red music box, her favorite was red gloves meant to compliment a scarf from Morocco a guest gave her. She thinks about her past,  but is thankful for Red.

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