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Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Celebration in Second Life

On April 22, our open mic poetry at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy, celebrated Mother Earth! We also recognized the urgency to continue our collective efforts to protect and preserve the environment. So much more can be done on a daily basis to ensure we seize to overuse our natural resources. Given every Sunday, we share the written word to inspire, educate, connect and just add a dose of relaxation to our weekend. We were happy to include Earth Day as part of this week's theme. Many residents read poetry and other genres reflecting Earth Day in some way. Our practice is not to restrict our readers, so they can still read whatever moves them that morning.  I was lucky again to be joined by Microfiction writer Brokali, who read a special short piece that he wrote for the occasion. I was grateful that most in attendance were able to find something in their inventory or their own  writing to share.
I also read a few pieces I found online and 2 of my own that fits the occasion perfectly. I've included 1 stanza from the poem "Leaves" and "Fish."  I also read "moon" which was this week's 100 word challenge with crap mariner. We had many other readers as well. Carl Solutionary read 2 pieces specifically about Earth Day. Medora Chevalier also shared a brilliant piece. Anamaria, a regular at SpeakEasy, also read some of her favorite poems and of course found one that covers our theme of the day. I was happy to see Orb Thursday, 4B member and designer extraordinaire, joined us. She has designed a large portion of the four bridges sim, including the 4B town center, which includes the speakeasy space.
As you can see, you never know who you will run into at our open mics and events. I hope one of these Sundays, if you haven't yet, you'll pop over for the hour. I would love to see you:)

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