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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Adventures of Lola in 100 Words: Feather

It happens again! Lola decided to take a time out from her stressful job at the hotel to meet a new mystery date. Everything is going well so far. Lola is certainly cautious but enjoying herself. Check out this week's 100 word story with the word "feather." Hope you enjoy it:)


Work monopolizes Lola's time. Even on her days off, she can't stop worrying about unfinished projects. "What happened to the adventurous Lola?" She wondered. To loosen up, she accepts another invitation from the mystery guy. Tonight, they're dining at the waterfront sky lounge. Their conversation about food, travels, and work flows seamlessly.  He even laughs at her silly jokes. Before finishing her last bite of dessert, he asks playfully, "for our next date, choose one thing I can bring: a scrabble board, feather or ice cream." Intrigued, she leans toward him, whispers in his right ear, "how about all three."

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