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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shannon Oherhily Returns to Speakeasy/Four Bridges

Singer/songwriter Shannon Oherhily is one of the first musicians I met in second life.  I've attended many of her concerts in the past few months. On May Day 2011, I invited Shannon to 4B for a special celebration with friends and to bring awareness to the work of The Four Bridges Project. That event officially launched my regular open mic poetry and live music hosting in second life. Shannon has been performing on the first Sunday of the month since last year after our open mic poetry readings. She is one of SL's favorite musicians at Four Bridges. In May 2009, Shannon’s song “The Test,” was the winning song in a songwriting contest for Amnesty International. Any1, a 4B member reminds us of that coveted honor during our concerts. Shannon often dedicates that song to activist/4B founder millay freschi when performing at speakeasy. It's hard to choose a favorite Shannon's song since the lyrics are so poignant and truthful.

Shannon's soothing and angelic voice has a way of calming my nerves and yet lifts my spirit at the same time. At the last show, one of my friends (who mostly speaks French) described Shannon's voice as "jolie." If you've never heard her before, I encourage you to come over on "First Sunday" at speakeasy to experience her originals and covers while she plays guitar. She's been honing her skills since she received her first guitar at the age of nine. Shannon has followed in the foot steps of many great contemporary folk singers like Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, to name a few. We are honored to have Shannon with us on "First Sunday" and invite you to join us at her next live music show. To learn more about Shannon and her music, check out her website,

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