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Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day 2012

March 8 is Women's International Day! This is a unique celebration worldwide that started over a hundred years ago. During this global holiday, many will focus on women's contributions worldwide while celebrating in struggle and sisterhood. Although women's have made monumental contributions in our society, it often goes unnoticed or minimized. It is one day girls and women can learn and be reminded of the struggles women have gone through to ensure the rights and opportunities we have today. I'm sure many are questioning the validity of such a day in 2012 or even the relevance of women's history month. I personally would like to sustain this day and month as they are grounded in history which we tend to forget when solely measuring the strides we've made today.    Several countries and organizations  highlight this day in various ways. I hope you will  take a moment to remember those who fought and still fighting for equality & social justice. Check out the link below to read President Obama's proclamation. Happy Women's International Day & History Month!

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