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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Musician Tukso Okey Live at SpeakEasy: May 6!

As many of you may know, I kicked off a month long celebration on April 29 to celebrate my birthday through the end of May! I'm also celebrating the 1st Anniversary of hosting open mic  and live music at Four Bridges. Yay! Some people relax on their birthday, I plan more events and launch new venues:) So this Sunday, Tukso will finally debut at Four Bridges/SpeakEasy as part of my Red Hot Celebration. If you're a fan or never experience Tukso before, this is the venue you want to be at on May 6 at 1pm slt sharp.
When I first started this blog, I promised or hinted I would devote a whole entry to one of my all time favorite musicians in Second Life, the guitar god himself, Tukso Okey. I try to attend as many of his concerts as my schedule allows. The shows are my energy boost but mostly to party with him and the best fan group ever.
I know I'm a little biased but I always feel better the moment I hit the dance floor whether with my own silly dance animations or lucky enough to be in someone's dance hud. Tukso's fans know how to have a rockin' good time (whispers: you know who I'm talking about!).
So let me go back to how I first experienced Tukso magic...In 2011, I attended a concert at Lavender Field where Tukso was performing to support Feed a Smile managed by Brique Topaz. I could not believe his electrifying presence  and performance live.  I now call it, "musical spell at first riff." OMG! That guitar, his voice and just the cheer rawness of his performance that day was unbelievable. I was also impressed  of his support of such an amazing organization that provides resources for poor children. I wanted to spread the word about him and his charity of choice. A few weeks later, Brique was a guest on my rl show and we chatted a bit about Tukso's upcoming performances for the charity in second life. I then joined his group so I could get a second dose of  his music. Little did I know that two doses would turn into a lifetime fan and a friend:) Every show has a little twist and fun surprises that brings me back to that concert. That day I increased my computer volume to the maximum. Experiencing Tukso is best loud and live (you know what I mean lol). Although I would never ever call myself a party girl in rl but when I'm at any of his concerts, movement is a must! I also write whatever comes to mind or what I'm feeling in local chat which at times is not always legible but fans know exactly what I mean lol
So, when I'm there I lose myself in Tukso's energy, his voice, words, screams and guitar riffs. Within minutes, I have shed all the day/week's grind to feel renewed sense of excitement, serenity and fittingly part of an extended family. One element of the Tukso experience that never fails is a lack of deja-vu at his concerts. I'm still surprised by his sets and song selecions as if I were listening to him back at my first concert. Naturally, I included Tukso as part of the line for my month long celebration this year, as he is one of the best reasons being in Second Life, is still meaningful.

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