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Monday, May 14, 2012


We had another fun filled Sunday, May 13 at SpeakEasy/Four Bridges. We started our poetry hour right on time with Lemonodo Oh as co-host. It's such a thrill every Sunday to hear new work of every genre from poetry, prose to microfiction. I continue to dabble in writing a weekly 100 word story via crap mariner. Even though I completed the challenge, it was a little more complicated than usual.  Maybe the words threw me for a loop this week. So, instead I read a dash on the word "haven" and shared my wave from the word "ball."
For those of you who may not have participated in these activities, a dash (hosted by Ginger) is held daily in Second Life and writers are given a word and can write for 15 minutes at Milk. On the other hand, a wave (hosted by June Faramore) lasts for about 20 minutes with a given word and is held at Book Island. This was a week of firsts when it comes to my writing. I attended wave for the first time that week. Plus, I wrote a 100 word story for a dash word instead of a poem. Shocker!
But I'm happy with the results my spontaneity has produced thus far. A few more writers shared their work and before we knew it, it was time for live music! My Red Hot May Celebration continued with the beautiful Singer CECI Dover. I was proud to present her to the SpeakEasy crowd  who loves her music instantly. I was prepared with the salsa dance balls and other fun dance moves for friends. I heard of music for the time when I attended one of her concerts at Whispers, which is a sensational venue. Even there, I danced through the hour while listening to her gorgeous voice. What drew me to her though is her multi-lingual ability andher song selections. She flawlessly sings each song with so much heart that feel the lyrics whether you speak that language or not. One second you feel like you in Cuba then America, then France then she woo you back to her native country Argentina.  Her fans go wild as well in various languages. I only requested one song, Je T'aime, which she can also sings in Italian. As you can tell, it was an amazing concert! If you've never heard CECI Dover before and even if you're already a fan, make sure you join her at the next concert.
So, I have more in store on May 20, with another poetry hour and possibly a concert with the one and only MrMulti Writer for his return to SpeakEasy. You have a personal invitation from me to tp  over every Sunday at 11am slt. Can't wait to see you:)

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