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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Adventures of Lola: Faint by RedGoddess

Lola is baffled by the random events held at the hotel. The ballroom can be transformed into any theme to suit clients' ever revolving tastes. Last week, there was a bachelor and a sweet sixteen party on the same day. This weekend, Lola will oversee a popular beauty pageant. The lobby is already filled with barbie look alikes of all shades and hair colors. They're practicing their runway walks in their rooms, hallways and the bathrooms. Wherever there is a mirror, you can find them staring into self-doubt and wishful thinking.
Lola can't imagine subjecting herself to this charade to win a crown. She would faint during the bathing suit competition and throw up on her gown. What exactly sets her apart from these hopeful contestants, parading in front of strangers for a high score and prize money? Lola doesn't approve but she can't play judge when she herself has made some questionable choices for a pay day.

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