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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Adventures of Lola Stories: Lifestyle Change by RedGoddess

If only stress was a miracle diet, then Lola would definitely have a super model body without depriving herself of decadent desserts. During each annual physical, Dr. Drinkwater reminds Lola she's far from being in good shape. Positive healthy life style changes are in order. 
Since the injuries sustained during the traumatic robbery in the hotel, chronic headaches and insomnia plague her. Lola fears the worst. Something ominous is lurking. There is no extra funds for pricey gyms or personalized diet plans. Her life is in crisis.
Lola leaves work early to make her follow up appointment. She has just enough time to read an entire O magazine article on Living your Best Life  before the doctor rushes in with his clipboard. "Sorry for being late. I have a full schedule this afternoon," No eye contact.  She stares at the back of his clipboard and then gives him a cold look. Without a pause, he lunges into his list, "Your blood pressure remains high," He continues, pretending not to see her facial expression. "Have you started an exercise program yet, like we discussed during your last appointment?"  Lola is beyond frustrated, how dare he talks down to her like an imbecile! Lola snaps and bolts out of her chair.  She pulls down his clipboard and locks her eyes with his. "For a change, why don't I do the talking and YOU listen."

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  1. Considering my recent stint in the hospital and the follow-up visits, this story totally resonates :-)