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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Adventures of Lola Stories: Border by RedGoddess

How do you miss something you never had? Lola has a recurring haunting dream where she opens a door and watches her father walking away into a paradise. She never sees his face, and he doesn't look back. She heard stories about him while eavesdropping on grown folk's talk as a child. Her mother can't even say his name without anger in her eyes. The same anger Lola has when she recalls her mother leaving her and her sister. Her grandmother often says Lola has his wit and wisdom. She's flattered but frustrated to be compared to an invisible man. Lola  exists on the border.  She's exposed to the world, yet lives in fragments.


  1. Many things in a few rows. I like this your way to tell life with such synthesis.
    I too am in fragments, but similar to the temptations of the other post: privileged fragments.
    Thank you.