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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hotel Adventures of Lola: Cashmere by RedGoddess

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Between work, turkey and eggnog, I wrote the latest Lola's hotel adventure. I'm introducing a new character, Mirabella, a beautiful Heiress with daddy issues and a shopping addiction. If you like it, leave me a comment:)

"Damn it! I'm wearing cashmere and it's raining," says the raven hair heiress as she shakes her orange polka dot umbrella. Her Hermes scarf and bag on the counter while giving Lola two air kisses. "Oh my darling Lola," She sighs in despair. "you didn't tell me the weather was so despicable." She resembles a tanned barbie doll in distress. In spite of her dramatic flair, she clicks with Lola. Lola in the oddest way relates to her.
Mirabella, the 21 year-old daughter of a fashion mogul from Milan, has been living at the hotel since adolescence. Her parents live separate lives yet cross continents for family vacations and her birthday. They think these seasonal appearances make up for parental neglect. Naturally, Mirabella gets bored easily with stuff and men, so she buys vintage jewelry and rare paintings at local auctions. She has an affinity to old black and white family portraits. She can imagine herself sitting on her mother's lap and her dad looking adoringly at them. "C'est la vie. To yearn or fear the unknown," she often says at the end of her chat with Lola and walks away humming "qui sera, sera...' She is Lola's Hepburn.
She could buy and sell the whole damn place and the restaurants around it if she so desires. She's a daddy's girl with the usual baggage from a wealthy family. She has zero sense of control when it comes  to money. This week, she bought a brand new hot pink BMW just because she saw it in a commercial.  By next week, she'll hate the color with more passion than an angry bull. Lola can't fathom spending money like that on a whim but she finds it ironic that she can share Mirabella's family pain. 

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