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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Talk! with Marie Presents Annual ArtWalk @RaglanShire in Second Life with Organizer Karmagirl Avro

Great Talk! with Marie Show with special guest Karmagirl Avro, Organizer of the 10th Annual ArtWalk from May 3-31. Residents of Second Life are showing their artwork during the event.  You'll see reproductions of RL artwork (painting, drawing, digital fine art, printmaking), along with SL photography, manipulated photography and sculpture.
Each year, hundreds of artist participants exhibit in spaces over several sims. This year, organizers are expecting a good turnout and will include space in the vast center park of Raglan Shire, in Heron Shire forest, and in other sims in the cluster if needed. The 2D artwork will be displayed along hedgerows around Raglan Shire, and sculpture in designated areas of the forest on Heron Shire.
Artwalk 2015 Schedule of Events
In addition to regular events like Poetry Slam, Prim Charades and DJs, we have new events this month just for artwalk.  We have many events including a Kite Parade (more info on that later). For more information, go to
Music by Sara Tiemogo (SaraMarie Philly)

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