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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Talk! with Marie Presents Musician Eric Steffensen & Feed a Smile Events in Second Life

This weekend I had a chance to listen to Musicians Eric Steffensen, Lila, Edward Lowell, Bat Masters and twostep at the Lavender field. My recent show primarily highlights Eric Steffensen's music and Feed a Smile. I host the show weekly where I discuss books, e-publishing, indie authors, independent best selling books, magazines, Second Life events and share original music and writing. To listen to past episodes and stay connected, go to my BTR page

About Feed a Smile

Since January 2010 Live and Learn in Kenya NGO is also online in the Second Life virtual charity community – Nonprofit Commons. LLK operates from a virtual office where people can come in and inform themselves about our work in Kenya, look at photos and, if an LLK member is present, hold a conversation. There are real people behind all of the so-called avatars, so real conversations are held – as well as meetings – either by typing your message or by speaking over a microphone. When you log in to Second Life type either "Brique Topaz", "LLK", or "Feed a Smile" in the Search. LLK also belongs to the world-known organization Techsoup which also works in Second Life.
Book (s) Featured
Right by her Roots Americana Women and Their Songs by Jewly Hight
A Little F'Up Why Feminism is not a Dirty Word by Julie Zeilinger
Galway Kinnell A New Selected Poems
Forty-One False Starts Essays on Artists and Writers by Janel Malcolm

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