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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Red Heaven Performs Live at SpeakEasy/Gallery Rouge Second Life

Red Heaven debuts at SpeakEasy/Gallery Rouge in Second Life! Join us for an  hour of great music with lead member, Joel Eilde.Don't miss this awesome Sunday Line up with poetry, stories and live music at SpeakEasy/Gallery.
Would love to see you there:)

RED HEAVEN (formerly Dragonfly) as performed by Joel Eilde in Second Life
Red Heaven is a Canadian band which plays original, full-band rock music. Weaving post-grunge metal with Turkish, Indian and African motifs, layers of vocal harmonies and dirty, gritty guitar-driven rhythms, critics call Red Heaven (formerly Dragonfly) *purely, ethereally beautiful* and *refreshing* with a *killer voice.* Red Heaven never bores, never stalls, never draws from the same well twice. Red Heaven's second album, Moth, is coming out in a few weeks. You can contribute to the indiegogo campaign!
Check out Red Heaven online
Red Heaven Indiegogo Campaign

To listen to Red Heaven (as Dragonfly)'s debut album, Amplification, please visit
YouTube Video of "Push" from Amplification:

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