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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Adventures of Lola: Thrifty Living

Happy Women's History Month! I can't believe spring is almost here. I'm moving my clock forward which means less sleep. I've taken a break from editing to write new Lola stories. Yay! So, check out her latest social commentary on being a closeted penny pincher. If you enjoy it, leave me a comment...

Lola is a closet thrift shop enthusiast.  After all, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Her grandmother taught her how to bargain even in department stores because money was always tight, but for Lola the fun to was in the hunt to find hidden gems. On weekends, she scours neighborhood yard sales for random finds. While the guests at her hotel find comfort in shopping at designer stores. Lola can spend hours in messy second hand stores searching for deals. She's relaxed among other scavengers and disorganized piles.  Even when Lola  fails and leaves empty handed she is happy to have a had a chance to buy, the power to buy isn't always at the forefront for the working poor.  Lola worries a bit now because being thrifty has become trendy. Celebrities and stylists are buying vintage for the red carpet. Her hotel guests are showing up at the same sales.  Leave it to the rich and famous to glamorize other people's struggles. Lola thinks to herself, "They ruin everything."

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